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Guillermo Paz onto How I Met Your Mother, Spoilers
Minnie I was so peeved at the thought of Stella being the mother. But now that I've had time to calm down, I think she will just lead Ted to someone else... Stella being the mother would be too easy. And I think there was an episode when he broke up with Stella and he said "if she were you mother you'd look like this" (and the kids were blonde)... anyone remember that?
Series & TV » Blog Archive » Cancelled Shows 2009: How I Met Your Mother is renewed for a new season! [...] everything´s good!So, everything´s good for How I Met Your Mother! And After the appearance of Stella Zinman back to How I Met Your Mother, there´s no doubt about a [...]
Guillermo Paz onto How I Met Your Mother, Spoilers
waddup stella can't be the mother and this is why her doughter name lucy have 9 years old in 2008 and future Ted have a doughter too but she is about 16-18 years old in 2030 and lucy have 9 years old in 2008 and if she would be ted daughter she wil have in 2030 about 32 years old and this cant be possible srry and in one episode ted told his kids that Stella isn't the mother .
Addison heum, yes, Stella has a daughter. No, her name is not lyndsy (i don't even think she ever said it as lyndsy), her name is Lucy. But the funny part is that the name of the actress who plays Ted's dayghter is Lyndsy Fonseca, so maybe you got it from there...