stella zinman is the mother in how i met your motherWow, another great episode of How I Met Your Mother just ended. With some major wows!

Usually these kind of endings are for season finales, but this time they are still having two more episodes to go.

In this episode we see Ted Mosby meeting the girl with the Umbrella… who supposedly is Ted´s kids mother, and she was no other than Stella Zinman…

But do you remember who Stella Zinman is?

Who is Stella Zinman?

stella zinman and ted mosby husband and wife on how i met your motherStella Zinman is Sarah Chalke´s character in How I Met Your Mother, and one of the fan favourite… the episode ended with mistery, but is Stella Zinman the mother in How I Met Your Mother? Probably…

Some of the funniest quotes of Stella Zinman were:

How I Met Your Mother: Rebound Bro (#3.18)” (2008)

Ted Mosby: I’m sorry, it’s just that this is a big deal for you. It’s like Virginity: The Sequel.
Stella Zinman: Virginity 2: Electric Boogaloo?

Stella Zinman: Ted, you’re staring at my boobs.
Ted Mosby: In my defense, they were staring at me.

“How I Met Your Mother: Ten Sessions (#3.13)” (2008)

Dr. Stella Zinman: Ah, the tramp stamp. My bread and butter. So I’m guessing that the real story involves a bad breakup and some booze? Unless that’s a gang tattoo, in which case I think it’s time to find a new gang.
Ted Mosby: Actually, I asked for a caterpillar, and a few weeks later…

Are you happy to know Sarah Chalke A.K.A. Stella Zinman is back to How I Met Your Mother?

Did you think Stella was going to be Ted´s wife in How I Met Your Mother?