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Guillermo Paz onto How I Met Your Mother
Guillermo Paz onto How I Met Your Mother, Quotes
lee LUV it, best show on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now even has the stunning Jennifer Morrison in it, only gets better.
Guillermo Paz onto How I Met Your Mother, Quotes
Guillermo Paz onto Characters, Modern Family, Quotes
Casonia sade logenberry of Seattle washington When your Divorcing some one that means that you are just going back to being friends and that also means no more Sex...When people fall out of love that means they don't want to share there Bodies with that person..Because some trust is broken and when two people nolonger see eye to eye that means there is a problem and sooner or later the marriage breaks down...Because two people are not willing to listen and solve the problems as the relationship goes on and so that is the reason for Divorce.
Phil Dunphy Best Quote of the Week – Selling Organs [...] We already did a post on the Best Quotes from Phil Dunphy in Modern Family´s season one. And last weeks Halloween quote from Phil Dunphy. [...]
Guillermo Paz onto How I Met Your Mother
Guillermo Paz onto How I Met Your Mother
Chuck Spoiler: Isaiah Mustafa and Stacy Keibler back as A-Team! [...] already told you about Stacy Keibler joining How I Met Your Mother in the Girls Vs Suit musical episode, and about her prior stint as Greta in Chuck. Now it´s time to fall for her once again as [...]
Guillermo Paz onto How I Met Your Mother, Videos
lilikindsli P4rO4l I want to say - thank you for this!
Pulpo Broda: Awesome... can´t wait for the new season to start. I´ll check your blog. Good luck with it... probably will be awesome
Guillermo Paz onto Actors, Awards
Series & TV » Blog Archive » How Can I Watch The Emmy Awards Live Online Tonight? How to watch the Emmy Outside US? [...] Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the Emmys, and hopefully will win his much deserved [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Actresses
Felicia Day launches Dragon Age: Redemption Feb 16 on Jimmy Fallon [...] always say I want more Felicia Day on TV. Well, luckily many casting directors are hearing my asking, and we got to see Felicia on House, on [...]
Guillermo Paz onto How I Met Your Mother
Cancelled and Renewed Shows 2011: How I Met Your Mother renewed for two more seasons [...] already told you How I Met Your Mother was renewed last year,and we are doing an extensive coverage on the show this season [...]
proud jim and pam hater I fully agree with everyone here that this show sucks and should be canned. like why does a good show like csi ny get cancelled or about to get canned when how i met your stupid mother is still on the screen? cause of neil harris? well just tell him to get another job man I hate him he has no talent ugly as hell thinks hes so great and him saying hes gay everytime hes on tv is getting so old I just roll my eyes and groan in annyoance whenever I hear it. its like yeah your gay big whoop just get the hell over it cause its getting stale like your show! oh yeah and I want the freaking office off the air too! and oh yeah I want the freaking office off the show too