how-i-met-your-mother-quotes-s06e09-glitter-robin-sparkles-jessica-himymOk, this episode of How I Met Your Mother was Epic… It was Legen wait for it… dary. So, best quotes should´ve been every single line in the 21 minutes.

I am doing the best quotes for the week every week, but with such a great episode like this one called Glitter on How I Met Your Mother I cannot wait to post about it.

On How I Met Your Mother S06E09 Glitter, When Barney finds a copy of the Canadian kids show “Space Teens” starring Robin’s alter-ego “Robin Sparkles,” the gang learns more about Robin’s past as a performer than they expected, and they get to meet Robin former BFF called Jessica Glitter, played by Nicole Scherzinger.

Best Quotes of How I Met Your Mother – Glitter – S06E09

Robin: Why are you doing that?
Ted: Why does Barney ever do something for?
Barney: Exactly. Science!

Barney: Thanks for the redhead Nana.

Barney: Robin, did you know that Bouteneer is french for “Booty is near”? True

story. Une histoire vraie.

Barney: I´m gonna show this embarrassing video of you. It´s Robin Sparkles part

three y´all.

Lily: As much as I hate to agree with Barney. This seem to be pornocopia.

Marshall: You can´t do that on television.

Ted: Robin, this show is so dirty I don´t if to hug you or run a shower for you so

you can sit there alone crying and clenching your knees.

Lily: Robin´s gonna dump me

Marshall: Dude, feel the room.

Barney: Two dudes on a couch watching porn. It´s kinda weird.
Robin: It´s not porn. It´s a kids show.
Ted: Two dudes watching a kids show might be worse.

Robin Sparkles: Hey Jessica, how´s your beaver?
Jessica: Great. How´s your beaver?
Robin Sparkles: Busy as ever

Ted: Robin… Lebron

Ted: Hello, somebody already solved that crime using math

Barney elimination line on every single reality show

Marshall: Yo… Glitter, be cool

Robin and Jessica: Two beaver are better than one, they are twice the fun, ask anyone.

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