more-felicia-day-on-tvI just got my DVD from of Dr Horrible´s Sing Along Blog.

It took a couple of weeks to get home, but now I have it…

Well, it´s time to do something.

The awesomeness of Neil Patrick Harris is great and we have him as Barney Stinson week in and week out in How I Met Your Mother, Nathan Fillion´s also great and we´ll have him agains as Richard Castle, since Castle got renewed.

But hey… it´s time for us Blog people, and twitter people, as we already saved Chuck with all the #SaveChuck twitts and posts.

Now it´s time we ask for more Felicia Day on TV.

As I always say. There´s no such thing as too much Felicia Day.

Are you with me? Let´s all Twit #MoreFeliciaDayonTV.

Come on Tweeters… let´s rule the world!!!