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Guillermo Paz onto movies
Guillermo Paz onto Castle, Spoilers
Castellum Am I going to watch tonight's Castle? Been waiting for this since end of season 2. Show is the most fun I've had watching TV in years. Entire cast is marvelous. Keep up the hard work everything, it is certainly paying off. Thank you!!!!!!
Guillermo Paz onto Castle
eileen you really really should not cancel a great show. Shame on you for even thinking of it.
JoAnne Castle is our favorite series, because it is well acted, fun and serious at times. Just enough of each.
Guillermo Paz onto Castle
Guillermo Paz onto Actresses
Felicia Day launches Dragon Age: Redemption Feb 16 on Jimmy Fallon [...] always say I want more Felicia Day on TV. Well, luckily many casting directors are hearing my asking, and we got to see Felicia on House, on [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Police Shows
s bowen Castle sucks biggggg time. It's a terrible show, c'mon people, like any police department in the country would let some crappy ass writer go solve homocides. Um, no. It's a terrible insult to Homocide Detectives and Law Enforcement in general. If you watch this show and actually like it....you are an idiot.
Guillermo Paz onto Police Shows
Pat Brinkman Yeah! I absolutely love Castle and Nathan Filliron and if it's cancelled it's the last program I'll ever watch on abc. (ABC are you listening?) Nathan is "hot" and a joy to watch and this is coming from a 78 year old senior citizen who seldom sees anything worth watching on tv......and don't expect me to watch that disaster "American Idol" (and I did at its beginning, honest, when there was something called tallent going on). Castle rules!!!!
Series & TV » Blog Archive » Casting News: Alyssa Milano joins Castle to play love interest of Nathan Fillion [...] from the news of Castle being picked up for a full second season (yay!), this thing of great well known guest stars is meaning something good for Castle. Surely [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Police Shows
Chris Russell I cannot find a clue about whether or not Castle will be continued. Will it still be airing, or has it simply disappeared? I hope this is not the case, as I find it one of the more intelligent and interesting things available.
Series & TV » Blog Archive » Cancelled Shows 2009: Castle heading for renewal! Yay! [...] 2009: Castle heading for renewal! Yay! May 8th, 2009 We were very excited to see what the new Nathan Fillion´s show Castle would be… since here we are huge fans of Dr. Horrible´s Sing Along Blog, and the three main [...]