merlin-syfy-cancelled-renewed-season-fourMoving on our usual reviews of all the cancelled shows on 2011 and the renewed shows on 2011

This time it´s time for one of the few revived series: Merlin.

Merlin was cancelled by NBC on its first season, but moved to Syfy for seasons two and three where it thrived. And now, after season three averaged 12% more ratings than the second season, Syfy renewed Merlin for season four.

Although the show is quite healthy on BBC in England, and there was no doubt it would come back for another run in England, it´s always nice to see a good vehicle coming back, and this time Syfy renewing Merlin means we also get to see some more magical times and Arthurian imaginery on TV.

Especially since Camelot got cancelled by Starz in a controversial decision.

The story needs to keep going and probably evolving into an even more magical Merlin whose powers can be seen by Arthur as a true ally instead of a menace as Uther always thought magic would be. But that´s all speculation. So far, it´s good to know Merlin got renewed by Syfy for season four.

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