camelot-cancelled-renewed-starzWe are reviewing all the cancelled shows on 2011 and the renewed shows on 2011… and this one, I really did not see coming.

Starz cancels Camelot in its freshman run! Wow! just wow! Cancelling Camelot is unexpected.

When we read more into it it becomes understandable, but it was certainly something that I was not expecting.

Let´s see the reason behind Starz cancelling Camelot.

First of all… why I think Starz cancelling Camelot was not expected: Camelot wrapped its first season earlier this month by drawing 1.5 million total viewers, the second-highest viewership for the series behind its two-hour premiere, which set a network record for a series bow.

Given that kind of success, the network deliberately needed to become overly respectful in its press release and did not say Starz cancels Camelot, it read they won´t excercise the option to order new seasons. Potato – potato. Starz is cancelling Camelot, however they put it.

The reasons they cite is that the show had a lot of production challenges. Namely, it was too expensive, and had scheduling conflicts with the actors and their busy careers.

Hence, Starz cancels Camelot, and we only get to see the Arthurian times in BBC´s Merlin.

What do you think about Starz cancelling Camelot? Are you surprised? Let me know in the comments section.

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