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Guillermo Paz onto Sci Fi
kiarash I love story of king Arthur and I love the series who shows that . It wont be the end .
Eating Penguin It is rare for a show to come along with such a strong cast and solid fanbase, then only to have it yanked out from underneath our feet after only one (and I might add successful) season. This interpretation of the 'Camelot' legend is unique and fresh. As the pre-conceived notions of the 'traditional' story are contrived in a different manner, every episode is an adventure in itself. I am very disappointed in Starz and will be cancelling my subscription to the service. Perhaps this would be a good time for the executives at Starz to reconsider their lofty positions and aspirations by actually 'listening' to the voice of their viewers...
Guillermo Paz onto Action
Guillermo Paz onto Action
Bravo Schedule for Spring 2011 – Real Housewives of OC and more [...] spring 2011 edition (That is coming soon) We did it already with AMC shows like The Killing, and Starz premiere dates. Now it´s Bravo [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Action
Starz, Encore and Encore Western April Programming Announced [...] talked about Camelot premiere with its best quotes and spoilers, we talked about Spartacus Gods of the Arena finale, but there´s much more going on with the [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Action
Cham I am obviously not allowed to watch it :/
Camelot Starz [...] franchise does on hiatus for another 11. There was a one-hour preview of Camelot TV series after theCamelot Starz - Daemon's TVStarz 'Camelot' Premiere Right After 'Gods of the Arena' FinaleTheHDRoomAs the [...]
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