superbowl-nbc-halftime-promosToday was SuperBowl XLIX, in a great sho put forth by two good teams in a very emotional game that went to the very last play, and a game that will be talked about for long time. Katy Perry had a great Halftime Show that included 4 wardrobe changes, Missy Elliott Scoring a Touchdown and Lenny Kravitz playing the guitar… and of course Katy Perry´s Sharks. Oh… and the Halftime Ads… Bummer!!!

But what else did this day have? Tons of NBC shows promos for the SuperBowl. In case you missed them or want to watch them again… here they are… one by one.

NBC – Here Comes Red Nose Day – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

Jon Hamm attempts to explain Red Nose Day in this promo directed by Judd Apatow. The Red Nose Day fundraising special for poverty-focused charities comes to NBC this May.

NBC – Chicago Fire/PD: Crossover – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

In part one of the two-night crossover with Chicago P.D., new clues lead Severide to face an old foe in the hunt for Shay’s arsonist.

NBC – Law & Order: SVU: Coming Up: What Would You Do? – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

To protect your family, what would you do? How much would you risk? A special SVU, all new Wednesday on NBC.

NBC – Aquarius – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

David Duchovny returns to television as a Los Angeles detective solving the case of a generation.

NBC – Share the Moment – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

Life has its moments that inspire, make us laugh and bring us together. Share the moment with NBC.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Preview 2 1 15 – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

A special post-Super Bowl episode of The Tonight Show has Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Ariana Grande.

One Big Happy: Unhappy Grandpa – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

Don’t miss the new comedy from executive producer Ellen DeGeneres, One Big Happy, coming to NBC March 17.

A.D. The Bible Continues: The Event That Changed the World – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

Don’t miss the NBC television event premiering Easter Sunday: A.D. The Bible Continues.

The Night Shift: Season 2 Preview – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

It’s a second chance for life and love. The Night Shift returns Monday, February 23 on NBC.

NBC – The Voice: Just Watch – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

The coaches are back to mix it up when The Voice returns February 23 on NBC.

The Mysteries of Laura: Laura’s a Little Bit of Every Woman – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

Mom, cop, saint, slob – she’s all that! Watch The Mysteries of Laura, Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

Get Fired Up for Undateable – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

The gang returns for Season 2 on Tuesday, March 17 at 9/8c after The Voice.

Get Ready for the Return of Red – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

The Blacklist moves to an All-New NBC Thursday at 9/8c on Feb 5.

Odyssey – Proof of Life – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

Contrary to what you may have heard, #OdelleLives.

Coming This Fall to NBC: Neil Patrick Harris – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

Get ready for a new primetime variety series hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, coming this fall to NBC!

Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

SNL celebrates 40 years with a live special February 15 at 8 p.m. ET.

Allegiance: Take the Pledge – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

Don’t miss the premiere of the critically acclaimed new series Allegiance, coming Thursday after The Blacklist on NBC.

The Slap: Whose Side Are You On? – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

The NBC event series premieres Thursday, February 12 at 8/7c followed by The Blacklist.

Heroes Reborn: The Aurora – SuperBowl XLIX Promo

For those with special abilities, a new era awaits.

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PS: I know the picture is not from this SuperBowl or has anything to do with NBC Promos… but really… who would mind!