nightmare-state-street-zombies-psych-quotesIn the second to last episode of the series, Psych managed to do one of the few eighties things that were missing from the show: A Nightmare on Elm Street homage, and bring in Bruce Campbell and Billy Zabka as guests star in the same episode.
Mira Sorvino comes back for her second episode as Betsy Brannigan and Curt Smith comes back to play himself.
Besides that, they manage to spoof Dulé Hill´s biggest gig up until Psych. They´ve spoofed Holes many times, but now they did it with The West Wing, When Gus is in his mother’s home, and walks into the dining room, he looks at a framed photo on the sideboard and says “Dad??” The photo is of Martin Sheen, who played President Bartlet in The West Wing, a father figure to Dule Hill’s character Charlie Young.

And also: ZOMBIES! By the way, the first zombie to appear, as you can see in the picture of this article, is Psych´s show creator Steve Franks himself; so that makes it double awesome. (Most of the other zombies are crew members from the show).

There´s even a rotten pineapple in the Chainsaw Massacre House scene at around 12:28 minutes of the episode.
Back to the episode synopsis, in it, Gus’ nightmares start to feel like reality when he and Shawn work to solve an unlikely case for the SBPD.

Best quotes and Pop References from Psych S08E09 A Nightmare on State Street

Gus: I can´t do bids now Shawn.

Gus: Stop trying to distract me from my anguish, Shawn. My nightmares are so vivid; I´m slowly disintegrating like a cookie under running water.

Shawn: She was tall, like Wilt Chamberlain or Conan the Destroyer.

Gus: No rest for the weekend… White People.

Curt Smith is listening to his own music (Everybody wants to rule the world).

Curt Smith: You caught me listening to my own music. How utterly Rob Thomas of me.

Gus: Get off of Curt Smith!

Dr Simpson: You are back with Dr Simpson, and that´s a good place to be.

Dr Simpson: Now tell me all about your nightmares.

Dr Simpson: It´s all in my book, In Dreams I Walk with You.

Gus: True love knows no boundaries.

The house Zach drives Gus and Shawn resembles Chainsaw Massacre´s.

Gus: Are you just going to pee outside?
Shawn: We are men, Gus, the world is our toilet.

Leatherface appears in the dream, and the hitchiker outside runs a la Resident Evil.

Shawn: The ball is clearly on her court. You sent her a dozen roses and a cake with Nelson Rockefeller on it.

Betsy: And a very happy Earth day for you.

Shawn: I´m Shawn Spencer and this is my life partner Burton Guster Black Spencer.

Shawn: His wife is getting cozy with Mr Woodcock here.

Shawn: Gus we are going to be fine, as long as we stay together.

Shawn: Gus,
Gus: Yes?
Shawn: We need to run.
Gus: Yes.

Dr Simpson: I once even entered Kate Capshaw’s dream and interacted with her.

Shawn: Betsy called, I have bad news and bad news.
Gus: I´ll take the bad news.

Woody: I need your honesty. Is it too much?

In the whiteboard in Woody´s office, there are all Gus´ dream questions like: “Where is Emmanuelle”?

Gus goes back home sees a picture of Martin Sheen and says “Papa?”

The black and white zombie scene is a spoof to Night of the Living Dead.

Betsy: Life is for the living!

Dr Simpson: Hail to the King.

Henry: What are you talking about?
Gus: I don´t know, I´m sensitive.

Shawn: I do make a dead sexy zombie.

Shawn: I sense your brains are yummy Gus.

Dr Simpson: This is embarassing. I´m a celebrity; my Twitter account is verified.

Dr Simpson: Come get some.

In the final scene Shawn and Gus are watching Real Genius with Val Kilmer, and then when they turn to face the camera, that´s a spoof to the ending of Michael Jackson´s Thriller videoclip.

Nicknames from Psych Final Season S08E09 A Nightmare on State Street

Dr Simpson calls Gus “Snappy”. Shawn calls Gus: “my life partner Burton Guster Black Spencer”.

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