psych-quotes-references-touch-sweevilThings got emotional in the previous episode. Jules moved away; Henry sold the house to Lassiter, and Lassiter and Marlowe became parents to a baby girl. So now, for this one, a little bit of Psych old style in the episode called A Touch of Sweevil, where Shawn is ecstatic when he discovers he’s finally been invited to participate in a prestigious paranormal convention for police consultants.

Best quotes and Pop References from Psych S08E08 A Touch of Sweevil

The episode is a reference to A Touch of Evil.

Lassiter: Are you doing crafts on my table?
Betsy: Crafting.

Fish: That´s James Earl Craig
Shawn: That´s the voice of Darth Vader?
Gus: That´s James Earl Jones
Shawn: May the force be with you.
Gus: That´s Sir Alec Guinness.
Shawn: I need to see that flick again.

Shawn: I hope frogs don´t go to heaven and are sentenced to fly around in those mirrors from Superman II.
Gus: Frauds, Shawn.

Lassiter: Just a regular Tuesday at the SBPD

Betsy: Can I remove the ghost and the witch?

Lassiter: You will havr to take your antics of stupidity from a ten and kick it up to 11.
Shawn: Did he say Kick it up to 11?

Woody: Who are you and are you a fan of shotgun weddings?

Shawn: Come on Gus, we have to beat those quack to a clue.

Shawn: Man, we got lapped by the Supernaturals.

Lassiter: Ok Superfriends can you get back to work and find me a suspect?

Gus: Did that man said Pumpkinhead?

Gus: Wait, this house was on the Santa Barbara episode of Ghost Hunters. It is supposed to be haunted.

Gus: This place gives me the heebie jeebies.
Shawn: It gives me the drabbys.

Gus: You´d know these things if you watched the Ghost Hunters.

Shawn: You Witchiepoo

Shawn: Let’s unite, like a sad version of the Avengers.

Lassiter: I need you to kick it up to fifteen.
Shawn: Oh no, that´s impossible, it´s too dangerous. Any jackassery over twelve and Gus breaks into little pieces.
Gus: It´s a risk I´m willing to take.

Shawn climbs the stairs Rocky-style.

Gus does the Michael Jackson dance.

Betsy: This little beauty is Beatrix Kiddo.

Nicknames from Psych Final Season S08E08 A Touch of Sweevil

Woody: Lassiter called him “Woodman”.

Shawn calls Gus “Magic Head”.

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