After the very emotional episode that was 1967: A Psych Odyssey in which we saw Lassiter getting to become Chief of Police, Jules moving to San Francisco and Karen Vick also leaving, we get to another case, this time Shawn and Gus go undercover to find the murderer of their favorite food truck owner. We also get to see Lassiter´s baby and Marlowe is back.

Best quotes and Pop References from Psych S08E07 Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up

Shawn: Is that Mauricio in there?
Gus: “Don’t go Sean Penn from ‘Mystic River’ on me”

Shawn: This is how you cater a murder scene.

The love scene of Shawn, Gus and Mauricio´s Tacos is amazingly Psych-y perfect.

Lassiter: Please be finished.

Lassiter: They are like Caligula, with litlle less fornication.

Shawn: Well, Lassie, seems like you dug yourself a hole from “Holes”-size hole with these guys. (Dulé Hill was in the cast of Holes BTW).

Lassiter: I´m just too busy to maintain my usual level of disdain for you two.

Lassiter: Since when do the two of you know so much about this junk?
Gus: Knocked Up, Baby Mama and Juno.
Shawn: If the modern romantic comedy has taught us anything, it’s what to expect when you’re expecting.
Gus: Except for the film ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting.’ That movie sucked!

Gus: The best lessons come from Rosemary´s Baby.

Shawn: Is that Mauricio´s shrine there? (Once again Mystic River).

Shawn: Have you heard of Cowboys and Aliens?

Shawn: Oh dear God, this is delicious.

Shawn: We´ll go before you go all Boots and Chains on my buddy here.

Gus: The nerve of that guy, robbing people and criticising their food.

Gus: Why do people named Smokey are always so shady.
Shawn: Smokey in Fridays
Gus: Smokey from The Pj´s
Shawn: Smokey Robinson.

Shawn: I hope your mama finds you.

Buyer: How much for the Mr Potato Head?
Henry: I don´t know, five bucks.

Henry: Marlowe´s water just broke.

Marlowe: I will cut one of you!

Henry: Carlton… Congratulations, that´s your baby girl.

Nicknames from Psych Final Season S08E07 Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up

No Nicknames in this one for any of the major characters… Strange, huh?

Lassie´s Daughter – Nora Lassiter: Tiny Baby Girl.

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