certain-poor-shepards-recap-big-loveWe already told you this was Big Love´s final season. And the show is planning on leaving with a bang. When the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated series Big Love premiered a new episode,  Sunday, January 30th at 9pm on HBO as we learn about the fates of Bill and his three wives – Barb, Nicki and Margene.

In this episode, The Henricksons try to put on a unified face during Christmas, but are tested amidst numbing revelations from Barb, Marge and Adaleen. Meanwhile, Lura takes drastic measures in response to Alby´s zealous efforts to “purify” the compound; Lois drifts towards the deep end; Bill tries to soften up a senator; Ben bonds with Heather; and Cara Lynn looks for answers about her father.

Big Love S05E03 Certain Poor Shepards recap videos leave me psyched about the show, and wanting next episode of Big Love to come as fast as possible.

And as you can see in it, it surely feels like a farewell ride´s ahead of us.

Check them out and tell me if I´m wrong.

Big Love S05E03 Certain Poor Shepards Video Recap

Big Love S05E03 Certain Poor Shepards Behind the scenes – inside the episode

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And let´s give this great show the farewell it deserves.