house-cuddy-cameron-love-triangleThe show is getting better and better… and we predicted some hot scenes between House and Cuddy.

Now, filled with spoilers of House MD

Complete Recap and Spoilers of House MD – 5×23 – Under My Skin

Ballerinas and ballerinos practice. The directors worry about the dude’s back as he prepares for a lift.The ballerina prances at him and he lifts her over his head. Then he seizes up and drops her. Sophie starts fighting for breath. She can’t breathe.

House eats some cereal at home as Dead Amber taunts him with ukulele playing. He’s mad at her for trying to kill Chase and is trying to ignore her. She says he’s not completely rational.

Foreman knocks at the door. House says he’s taking a personal day. Cuddy says come in or he’s fired.

In the differential room, they discuss the fact that she’s having trouble breathing. House continues to suggest the opposite of whatever Dead Amber says. She’s pushing for dehydration, which could hide an infection.

Wilson gives a guy the news he has kidney cancer and House interrupts. Wilson tries to run him off. House tells him he’s hallucinating. That gets his attention. House thinks he’s got sleep apnea that’s causing lack of sleep. He wants Wilson to watch his differentials. Dead Amber starts babbling over Wilson and he tells her to shut up. Wilson wants to know who he’s seeing. House thinks for a minute and then plays the sympathy card. He says Kutner.

Chase and Cameron share a lovely evening at home. As he talks about work she interrupts, blurting out: “I have my husband’s sperm.” They froze it when he got sick and she hasn’t been able to bring herself to get rid of it. Sentimental body fluids and all. Chase interprets this as meaning she wants a pre-nup, in liquid form.

Wilson visits House before his sleep test. Wilson thinks he should be admitted. Dead Amber pops up and tells House that she knows he’s wrong about sleep apnea, which means he knows he wrong, too.

The next morning House walks in to see Wilson. Dead Amber is with him. Foreman reports that the patient isn’t responding to the antibiotics, she still can’t breathe. So, not an infection.

House suggests a semi-radical treatment which Foreman suggests is like waterboarding. House checks with Wilson that it’s no more radical than he usually is and they go for it. When Foreman leaves House gives Wilson his list of theories: infection, trauma, schizophrenia, MS, pills.

Dead Amber helps House root for infection, since it can be cured. Wilson wonders what he’s hearing.

Foreman holds the patient’s hand, telling her the water they’re going to inject in her lungs will make her feel like she’s drowning. They begin the procedure and as Taub tries to hold her down, she slips out of his grasp. “Oh no,” he says, holding up a gross-covered hand, “her skin came off.”

House, Foreman and Dead Amber watch Foreman try to treat the sloughing off skin. House wants an ultrasound of her liver to look for masses. He wants to know what caused the skin issue. He suggests something that Foreman says would be a one in a million reaction. House thinks maybe this is the one.

House interrupts Wilson in the clinic, saying he feels guilty for prescribing the antibiotics that apparently caused it. He thinks his guilt is a symptom of MS.

The ballerino sits at his girlfriend’s bedside. House visits them. They found a mass in her liver. House, with Dead Amber at his side, apologizes for treating her for the infection she didn’t have. He apologizes several times. The ballerinas are confused, but say thanks.

Foreman confronts House in the hall, wanting to know why he was talking to the patient. “I think skinless women are hot,” he says. They can’t biopsy her liver because her skin’s too shot. He suggests a different kind of biopsy and Foreman sees him check in with Wilson again.

House tells Wilson he felt nothing apologizing so he thinks it’s MS.

Foreman and Chase do the biopsy. Chase mentions that Cameron kept her dead husband’s sperm and wants to hang onto it. Foreman says he has to let her go or he’ll be stuck with her forever. That’s what Chase wants. But Foreman says if he leaves her for any reason he won’t just be the guy who left her, he’ll be the guy who killed her kids.

The patient starts to crash.

In differential they report that the biopsy was negative, but now she has a heart problem. But they don’t know if that came before or after the lung problem. Foreman wants to know why Wilson is sitting in. House says he was there in case it was cancer, but that doesn’t explain why he’s staying. Foreman wonders if Cuddy is making him oversee House. House, meanwhile, is completely distracted by Dead Amber going through things at his desk. House throws Wilson out. Dead Amber sits down in his spot with a scalpel she prepares to drive into her arm. If it’s not MS, that leaves mental illness or Vicodin. Mental illness would mean he can’t practice medicine and Vicodin means he’d have to live with pain. She slices her arm.

From this, House gets that she’s suggesting they kill the patient – stop her heart long enough to MRI it. The team is wary. House acts confident.

Then he goes to check in with Wilson. He says it was “her” idea. Wilson notices. House tells him it’s Amber. “Your subconscious picked my dead girlfriend?” Wilson says. Wilson says the heart stopping is on the upper end of his normal radical scale.

Wilson tells House he had his blood level checked for Vicodin use and it’s waaay too high. House is rooting for schizophrenia that he can treat with electroshock. Wilson lists off the possible side effects, including the one that would matter to him most – losing his rational mind.

In the MRI machine, Chase kills the patient – but only for a planned 3 minutes.

From his office House calls Wilson in the cafeteria, suggesting insulin shock instead of electroshock. He says he has no symptoms of addiction and he’s been popping pills for years and only hallucinating for days. Wilson points out how crazy it is to try insulin shock instead of rehab. Wilson says he’ll be up in a few minutes but House suggests he make it two minutes because he’s about to inject himself with insulin. Thirteen wants to keep looking for a problem but the 3 minutes have passed. Chase rushes to restart her heart.

Dead Amber cries as House injects himself and everything goes fuzzy. He collapses on the floor, convulsing and Wilson rushes in.

Wilson paces next to House in a hospital bed. House wakes up, looking around for Dead Amber. He doesn’t see her. He thinks it worked, but he can’t remember how to work his zipper. But he checks out otherwise.

The team beeps House. Foreman thinks they saw a shadow on her heart. Tumor, scar tissue, lesion… Taub thinks they have to guess because it’s all they’ve got. House walks off.

He watches the patient. He realizes nothing changes. An epiphany, all by himself. House thinks the ballerino is being too devoted, out of guilt. He thinks he cheated and she has gonorrhea in her heart (apparently this is possible).

House celebrates alone with a beer and onion rings. Foreman calls. The ballerino has gonorrhea, but swears he didn’t cheat. Hers, meanwhile, is advanced. The ballerino has stopped hanging out in her room. This bothers House. That means he wasn’t guilty, which means House wasn’t right, he was just lucky. He slowly looks around the bar. He sees Dead Amber singing “Enjoy Yourself” in the corner. He calls Wilson to come get him.

Wilson knows a good rehab. At House’s place, Foreman calls. The patient’s infection has sent her into sepsis. Foreman’s panicked. But Wilson hangs up on him saying House is off the case. He tells House the patient is fine. Dead Amber knows he’s lying. House wonders why he doesn’t feel scared. He doesn’t know what he’ll do if his only option doesn’t work.

Back at the hospital Taub, Thirteen and Foreman try to figure out how to save her.

House visits Cuddy. He tells her he quits. She wonders what stupid thing he’s about to ask for, her babysitter is waiting. He tells her to go “suckle your bastard child if it makes you feel better.” She starts to leave. He tells her he’s hallucinating.

Dead Amber tells him Cuddy’s not his keeper. He tells her he needs her. She calls her babysitter.

Chase performs surgery. They notice her fingers and toes are turning gray.

House pukes in a bucket at his place as Cuddy pats his back. When she leaves the room he looks for his stash. She’s already cleaned him out. He’s shaking and sweating as he tries to tell her where the rest of his stash is. “It’s like I don’t even know who you are anymore,” Dead Amber says.

House writhes in pain and Cuddy offers her hand.

Chase wakes up the patient to tell her they got rid of the abscess in her heart but they need to amputate her feet and hands or the gangrene will spread. She says no.

Foreman wants to leave but Taub wants to keep thinking of an answer.

Cuddy watches as House heaves in the toilet. She gives him some ginger water to ease the nausea. He sees a spare pill. Dead Amber tells him to send her away. He does. Then Dead Amber calls him pathetic, saying if he wants the pill, he should just send her home. As he crawls for it Dead Amber says if he takes the pill he doesn’t deserve her, but if he secretly takes it, he doesn’t deserve anyone. He stretches out, reaching for it, but Cuddy runs in and snatches it away. She flushes it.

Taub and Chase try something radical to reanimate the tissue in her extremities. It looks like it might be working.

The next morning, House asks Cuddy to breathe more quietly. She says he’s doing great. She says he can come back to work when he’s better. She thinks he’ll be fine, but he says she’s biased because he’s her hospital’s biggest asset. He says that’s why she’s there. She says she’s not and wouldn’t lie and he deduces that means she has and wants to confess. And so she does. She wasn’t in his endocrinology class, she audited it. Because she thought he was “an interesting lunatic, even then.” She’s not there protecting hospital property. House looks around and announces they’re alone. Dead Amber is gone.

The patient wakes up — with her extremities. She wants to know where her ballerino is. Taub tells her he left.

At home, Chase tells Cameron he doesn’t have any doubts. She thinks that’s naive. She wants to spend the rest of her life with him, but doesn’t know. He says he’ll wait until she does.

Cuddy puts on her coat to leave, telling House she’ll see him later. He thanks her. “You want to kiss me, don’t you?” she says, seeing him standing close. “I always want to kiss you,” he says. And so they do. And her coat comes off. And IT finally happens.

Author: MollyWillow for IMDB