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Guillermo Paz onto House MD, Spoilers
Guillermo Paz onto House MD, Spoilers
NLP Well, it's ok if Taub is getting fired as long as 13 goes away to deal with her illness. And if Foreman would go along to nurse her, that would be a thousand times better. But I like Peter Jacobson. If I had my way (& from what I've read, I'm hardly alone), instead I'd dump Forteen so fast it would make your head spin. I used to have an e mail list to keep all the House fans I knew (& some of whom I created) apprized of House events. That list has pretty much evaporated. None of them are shippers or anything, but they've gotten sick of all the endless time spent on the personal lives of supporting characters they don't care about, as well as the turning of "House, MD" into "House, the Trials of Job." Hugh Laurie makes House likeable. Fans don't want to see House continually tortured. It's not like his life isn't tough enough already. House, the Show, rightly won the TV Guide "Jumping the Shark" Award this year. By all accounts, they had a great show and after a mere 3 seasons, they just threw it all away. Obviously, it's one thing to create a great show. It's quite another thing to be able to maintain it. Thanks David, thanks Katie, thanks TPTB. I don't see how you'll ever get back all the fans you've lost. And you don't deserve to. Hugh Laurie does, but you certainly don't.
Guillermo Paz onto House MD, Spoilers, Videos
Series & TV » Blog Archive » You Tube Video of Chase and Cameron Wedding / House checking into Psych Hospital [...] In one of the most shocking House MD season finales ever… [...]
Series & TV » Blog Archive » Complete Recap and Spoilers of House MD Season Finale - Both Sides Now [...] House MD is a wow kind of show, right? and last night we saw Season Five Finale of House MD. [...]
Guillermo Paz onto House MD, Spoilers
Insulin Shock | Hot Web Trends [...] Series & TV » Blog Archive » Complete Recap and Spoilers of House …From his office House calls Wilson in the cafeteria, suggesting insulin shock instead of electroshock. He says he has no symptoms of addiction and he’s been popping pills for years and only hallucinating for days. … Read more [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Characters, House MD
Ferriera Hello Guru, what entice you to post an article. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.
house episodes Warner Brothers announced the third film, A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, to be released November 5, 2010. I do hope that somehow and some way Kal Penn will be able to play "Kumar" one last time for this movie. Maybe President Obama will give him some time off for the film.
Guillermo Paz onto House MD, Spoilers
lexi the blurry vision was to show that house was 'locked-in' in the sense that he wont change and it cut off from the world. people looked way to hard into it.
hilo I think ive never seen such a stupid info. House saw Wilson in this way to just show everyone that he is also "locked-in" in some way.that's why we will stay alone (or something like that) what Wilson said.
Guillermo Paz onto Characters, House MD
Guillermo Paz onto Characters, House MD, Spoilers
Ken After last nights show withy House going back to prison after destroying hospital property and having his parole revoked and sending him to finish his 6 month sentence and Wilson having just 5 months to live with his cancer,no telling what is going to happen....will house take his own life? or die in some odd way??? Guess we will see in the series finale. Geesh seems like all the good shows are going away.:(
peter what if house is already dead and these are just episodes of what could of been of his life. also what if he is still locked up in the insane asylum from a season back . it has many ways to end . but i see it as wilson is on deaths door and house refuses to let him go and when he does die house ends his own life .
Guillermo Paz onto House MD, Quotes
Guillermo Paz onto Episodes, House MD, Spoilers
G.I interesting~>?< if house is changed forever.... whatever it is still interesting!!! if anything house won't be changed
Pulpo interesting theory