Update: Who dies on House Series Finale Spoiler?

We are all about major spoilers lately…

Now it´s time to a huge House Spoiler.

One of the main characters of House MD is going to die at season finale.

The question is yet to know who:

  • Is Kutner dying on House MD?
  • Is Taub dying?
  • Is Wilson dying?
  • Is Chase dying on House MD?
  • Is Cameron dying on House?
  • Is Cuddy dying?
  • Is Thirteen dying?
  • Is Foreman dying?
  • Is Gregory House dying?

Let´s see…

  • If Gregory House dies, the show´s over… so, it shouldn´t be Gregory House who dies.
  • If Thirteen dies on House it´s not such a big shocker as it is planned… since she´s already dying from Huntington´s.
  • If Wilson dies on House, the show loses way too much.
  • If Cuddy dies, the show loses much, and the romantic interest and tension would be dismissed.
  • If Foreman dies, it may lead to a big plot turn… and let´s see… he´s the one with the most movies experience alongside Kal Penn´s comedies. So, this is possible. Omar Epps leaving House to pursue a new casting opportunity.
  • If Cameron dies, the increase of her screen time makes no sense.
  • If Chase dies, makes much more sense, since he´s not so much written this season as in the past… he´s no longer in a romantic relationship in the real life as Jesse Spencer with Jennifer Morrison.
  • If Kutner dies, it makes sense because not much else happened to the character, and Kal Penn has a comedy resumée quite strong.
  • If Taub dies, it may not be so unexpected since he´s the most unhappy only second perhaps to Gregory House; and we said the death was a shocker.

My guesses are between the death of Kutner, Foreman or Chase.

Who do you think is dying at season finale of House MD?