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Series And TV Actually, I do. After all, the show is showing Michael Fox being able to crack a joke at his own Parkinsons, And that´s refreshing. I think people is way too sensitive these days in terms of what a joke can or cannot be. I don´t mind jokes about Argentinians, about overweight or anything that can fit me. Being able to laugh is the best thing. The IT Crowd´s episode was way more over the line and probably many people could´ve found it too much. I thought it was clever and with all the puns intended. So there should be a tacit agreement that it´s ok. How can we then see a show like Breaking Bad or Dexter in which the "heroes" are meth dealers or serial killers? It´s fiction, and we can enjoy it as such. With jokes should be the same, and lighter. I´m sorry if you find the joke offensive, I don´t think you can tell how many books I read or not read. After all there are more over the line jokes in books than in TV shows, and have been for a long time. Maybe it´s just we read different kind of books. You are judging me for what I find funny, whereas I am not. I am just finding funny something you are not.
Brian Black You think that the Albino Tim joke was one of the best lines in the show? You might consider watching less TV and start reading to develop empathy. What if a member of your family had albinism?