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I knew before the show even premiered that I was going to watch it, mainly because of Michael Fox, wanting to see what was it going to be like to have him back on TV. So far I am just happy he´s back and specially that his show is solid, and not a pity vehicle, but rather good ol´fun. A very enjoyable show. But I wasn´t sure if I was going to cover it a lot, but then, in the second episode, Fox´s character Mike Henry said to his wife Annie “If I had to tell you you look beautiful every time you do, I´d never have time for anything else”. Then, right then I knew I was going to start listing the best quotes from The Michael J Fox Show. So I´m starting it from episode three.

Best Quotes from The Michael J Fox Show

Leigh: Sounds like it was built to last

Harris: Oh, she is still in the rotation.
Leigh: That´s what every girl wants, to be a nameless cog in your sex machine.

Ian: If that was Parkinson, we are cool. If not, what the hell dad?

Ian: Who hangs up first used to be a game, now it´s a serious discussion.

Mike: Ian, when it comes to women there are six word you gotta remember: “You´re right, I´m wrong, I´m sorry”

Mike: And that´s how you dodge a question.

Annie: Eve´s been a whole new person since she started taking photography lessons at the community center. She smiles, she laughs.
Mike: At first we thought it was drugs… but it turns out that she can feel.

Harris: Dating shouldn´t be that hard. It´s like buying a car.
Ian: Choose someone dependable and keep her forever so it´s what you propose.
Harris: No! Test Drive as many as you can!

Graham: Dad was right. It´s like I learned a Jedi Mind trick.

Reese: And to think I lend you my skinny jeans. Hashtag What a Jerk!

Leigh: You know what you have to do?
Reese: Learn from this and grow stronger?
Leigh: Ha! No, you have to teach him a lesson.

Leigh: Who is his hottest friend?
Reese: Albino Tim.
Leigh: Jeez, this is gonna be hard.

Annie: I messed up, I really messed up.

Annie: This is what we get for being progressive parents.

Annie: You are a badass.
Mike: No honey, I´m just a man.

Annie: There´s my photo
Mike: Oh honey, you look twenty years younger.
Annie: That´s me
Mike: Oh, that´s more like it

Mike: We hit every parent cliche in the book.

Michael J Fox Show S01E04 – Hobbies

Mike: I don´t want to alarm you, but our son has become a zombie.

Mike: Annie has seen Ghost too many times.
Annie: Name any other sexier pottery scene, I dare you.
Mike: Name any other pottery scene.

Harris: Hardly working?

Mike: We need a better system.

Annie: I had to, the pottery class was filling up.
Mike: There´s no way that´s true.

Mike: I´m much better on ice, if I was on an Ice Planet I´d be Emperor.

Eve: I quit Twitter!

This Susan Rodriguez Jones is quite similar to Gilderoy Lockhart on Harry Potter´s series.

Ian: No time to assign blame, we need to get going.

Kay: I´ll help, I have a staple gun.

Leigh: I finally found my voice, it´s bitchy teen.

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