Article by Guillermo Paz

Wilfred gets renewed for one final ten episodes season and moves to FXX for that last  run. That´s the word around, and what´s happening to the bizarre premised show that turned out to be quite solid and funny for FX over three seasons already.

The show, starring Elijah Wood, Jason Gann and Fiona Gubelmann became the best rated premiere for FX sitcoms and after three seasons in the network, and anticipating the move towards FXX, will get ten more episodes to wrap things up.

The ratings were not as good anymore as they used to be, but FX decided to give the show a good treatment and let it go with a bang and on its own terms instead of pulling the plug, and for that, ten episodes are plenty for the crew to wrap it up and make it go in a planned fashion.

Most could think of this as Wilfred getting cancelled, but it is actually the chance to do a proper finale, a privilege only a few shows get to have, and Wilfred has earned it.

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