restroom-etiquetteThe restroom is the place where one goes to cleanse, meditate or just a quick pit stop that will make us go for the rest of “the race” without any incident. Therefore, it is a sacred place, and people should respect its etiquette, but, as it always seems to happen, nobody talks about it. So, as we are in the #LetsTalkBums phase, we´ll delve into it.

How to behave in a public restroom?

1- Respect the personal space of every other peeing individual next to you

If you can select between multiple urinals, go to one that has no one on either side, so everybody can have their own ritual.

2- If peeing standing and you are getting bored read the graffittis in front of you.

Your eyes must remain at all times up front and a bit up.
Of course, you definitely SHOULD look down when zipping your trousers to avoid any accident!

3- You want some entertainment?

You can only play pissball with those little aroma stuff like naphtalene balls or similar that are in the urinals. You can collect points for each time you make a hat trick (hitting two other naphatalene balls with your cue, being the cue the one you are aiming with your “waterjet”.
Keep in Mind that this kind of games can only be played a few times a day. If you find yourself doing it Candy Crush style all day, it´s probably cystitis and you should see a doctor.

4- Wash your hands

For the love of everything sacred, please do!

5- You can practice your basketball

Once you´ve washed your hands and used a paper towel to get them dry, you can scream out “Ginooobili” or whoever your favorite basketball player is and shoot the roll of paper into the basket; but, to keep it clean, if you miss, go for the rebound.

6- Be kind and caring for those in need.

If someone screams from behind the doors of one of the toilets that there´s no more paper, help. But, under no circumstances the door can be opened more than 30 degrees. If that happens, you are free to leave immediately and the infractor can wipe himself with his own socks.

7- Be Prepared

As you probably already know, most restrooms are lacking toilet paper, so bring your own Cottonelle Wipes with you in every single trip you take, or be ready to go back home with one less sock in your feet.

I hope you enjoyed this etiquette for restrooms, and please let me know of any additions to it needed in the comments section. Just as we close the article, if you are not sure what is a Cottonelle wipe, check out he video below and you will find out.

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