goldbergs-quotesOk, so this show is trying to bring back the eighties and it has still to prove wether it will become the newest That 70´s show and succeed for several seasons, or become the new That 80´s Show and only last a few episodes. (Update: It is the one of the best sitcoms lately, and The Goldbergs Best Quotes prove it).  But, as usual, even though parodies for the 80´s can be a bit gimmicky, people tend to love flashbacks to that era. Question is, will people turn to this show for not flashbacks but the whole story then? We´ll still have to see, but anyways, so far Murray Goldberg is getting ready to be one of the funniest new characters. Let´s hope he keeps it up.

Now, here are the best quotes from The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs best quotes

Best Quotes from The Goldbergs Pilot the circle of driving

Beverly Goldberg: What do you want for breakfast?

Barry: Privacy, Mom!

Murray: I agree with whatever nonsense your mother just said.

Murray Goldberg: Who the hell told you life was fair?

Murray: It´s 2AM! I thought you were dead, I could kill you!

Murray: For someone so smart, you sure act like an idiot

Beverly: Yeah, I´m everywhere

Barry: The only one who gets me is Flavor Flav.

Adam: Did you hear that? She called me Alan.
Pops: That´s not your name.
Adam: No problem, I´ll change it.

Adam: You are like my own personal Obi Wan Kenobi, but instead of the Force you are teaching me how to be freaky.

Beverly: Are you guys ok?
Adam: No, I am not! Barry took a dump in front of us!
Barry: I had to go!

Murray: In my defense I wasn´t listening.

Murray: I´m gonna parent the shit out of him

Murray: Unreal, I raised a moron.

Adam: I don´t wanna die before I cup a feel

Murray: Do not hit the child in the back, that´s way too advanced

Adam: You are out of my will… whatever that means.

Murray: Any dummy can drive, even a dummy like you.

BEST QUOTES FROM THE GOLDBERGS s01e02 daddy daughter day

Adam: It´s the first day in seventh grade. I wanna look cool.
Beverly: Who is cooler than your mom?
Adam: Aaaaaall the people?

Murray: Who is Big Tasty?
Barry: Me, it´s my rap name.
Murray: Your rap name should be Big Pain In My Ass.

Barry: I know how this looks.
Erica: Then you know it´s hilarious.

Adam (off): Finally my dad had found a way to connect with Erica, by mocking one of his other children.

Adam: Pops, I´m telling you, she´s an evil genius!

Murray: Obviously, go to your mother first, but if she´s not around… I´m here for you.

The Goldbergs S01E03 – Mini Murray

Barry: My dream is to become a basketball star, not a nurse.

Adam: How scary can it be? Turns out it was really scary, really really scary.

Pops: Where is the freaking mouse!

Barry: Nobody gets to the NBA with no struggle.

Adam: In my head I knew Pops was right, but I wasn´t taking any chances.

Adam: Barry was a natural.

Adam: What are you doing?
Barry: I´m rejecting all furniture. What are you doing?
Adam: There´s a ghost on the TV
Barry: That´s stupid.

Pops: There´s gotta be a rational explanation for this.
Adam: Of course there is, my toy chest is a portal to hell.

Barry: Did mom send you here?
Murray: Of course she did.

Barry: I thought you said my dream was stupid.
Murray: Well, you are just the moron to pull it off.

Murray: Thank God he can sell furniture.

The Goldbergs S01E04 – Why´re you hitting yourself?

Beverly: You look dapper. Getting ready for a date?
Pops: Actually I just ended my date from last night.

Beverly: If this is the type of woman you want, then damned I´m gonna find it.

Murray: Marriage is nice too.

Murray: You two broke something? Someone is dead?

Barry: Be careful, I love you. I mean, forget it.
Adam: It´s out there already. I love you too.

Beverly: You know how long it took me to find you a perfect woman?
Pops: Well, I found two so so women in no time, so stop working so hard.


Best Quotes from The Goldbergs S01E05 – The Ring

Pops: I´m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt, but this looks weird.

Murray: If I had a secret family why would I be talking to you.

Murray: I wish I had a secret family.

Murray: That´s what a strong marriage is about: Mutual not giving a crap.

Pops: Love´s my business and business is booming.

Beverly: It was your idea!
Murray: I´m full of bad ideas!

Adam: I serenated her brother!

Adam: So, is the girl, mom?

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