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How I Met Your Mother is ending this year, we already know who the mother is, it´s just a matter of few episodes before they actually meet and start getting to know each other and fall in love. So, as a farewell to the show; I am going to list the best quotes from HIMYM´s final season all in this article, and will update it after each episode. So make sure you bookmark this article to come back with each update.
But now, without further ado…

Best Quotes from How I Met Your Mother final season

HIMYM S090102 – The Locket / Coming Back Best Quotes

Ted: A Mosby road trip is not only safe, it´s informative.

Barney: Every wedding my brother attends he insists on performing.

Robin: She and the moose are very close.

Barney: Every wedding has a wild card, but we invited a whole set.

Robin: Someone is going to ruin the wedding.
Barney: It´s just a question of who.

Ted: Express Way is for gloveless amateurs.

Barney: So far I have twleve wild cards, not counting the Ring Bear.
Robin: Ring Bearer

Barney: Remember how I found out I am one quarter canadian but I completely blocked it out because your nation is ridiculous and I am awesome?

Barney: Is it possible?
Robin: Could it be?

Ted: And that´s how Lily met your mother.

Marshall: Just click on options.

Robin: So you and I share no DNA whatsoever.
Barney: We can change that.

Barney: Our wedding is going to be Legendary.
Robin: No wait for it?
Barney: I´ve got you, I don´t have to wait for it anymore.

Marshall: It can´t be done.

Lily: Sorry I tried to bite you.

Lily: No new insulting Marvin photo.

Robin: Lily what the hell.
Lily: Ted and I had some roadtrip issues.
Robin: Did he put on the gloves?
Lily: Aha
Robin: Attack was then justified.

Ted: You are not gonna tackle me again, are you?
Lily: I am the Maid of Honor. Chances are it´s not gonna be my only tackle of the weekend.

Ted: You never know who´s gonna be the wildcard on a wedding.

Front Desk Stranger: You will find someone.

Barney: Act like an obnoxious New Yorker.

Marshall: Come on Universe, I am a nice guy. Send me a miracle.

Barney: And now the true tale of th Stinson curse(Flashback): Moscow 1807quotes-himym-how-met-mother-final-season
James: “What a wonderful night at The Opera, wouldn´t you agree comrad Barnofsky.
Barney: I would indeed comrad Jamesokoff, but you know what made it truly wonderful? Being here with my wife.

Barney: Did she just put a curse on us?

Barney: Bondage five.

James: Tom and I are getting divorced.
Lily: That´s why you are looking extra handsome.
James: I do get extra hot when I´m single.

Robin: You broke the curse, you are the only couple that makes Barney believe in marriage.

Lily: I hate everyone in this table.

James: Tom and I are getting a divorce.

Robin: I love you so much.

Ted: When you believe in people, people get through.

Ted: Vesubius. Boo-Yah!

HIMYM S09E03 – Last Time in New York Best Quotes

Robin: Look at me in the eyes and say: “I promise that I´m not bringing a dangerous wild animal to our wedding”.

Barney: When we are married is not “all fight and no sex”, right?

Lily: Daphne, you should´ve seen the dress I was gonna wear: Up top it packed the gals together like opening night of a Sex and the City movie, and down south made mamma look like a dream Sir Mix-a-lot would never wanna wake up from.

Ted: It´s a list of all the things I want to do before leaving New York.

Ted: I´m not running away, I´m moving on.

Robin: I guess we can try the backdoor… of the room.

Marshall and Ted: My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.

Lily: I loved that dress, it was the perfect combination of slutty and classy.

Robin: Oh my, I found Waldo.

Barney and Robin: On the count of three: “Mandy Patinkin”

Barney: I saw you and Robin on that carousel.

How I Met Your Mother – S09E04 – The Broken Code

Barney: You are my best friend and my best man.

Barney: You don´t have to cry about it
Ted: It´s not that, this is a 600 dollars bottle of scotch.

Lily: Meet Marshpillow 2.0

Masrhall: Billy Zabka is such a great guy.

Lily: I didn´t forget to invite anyone to the Bachelorette party… you have no girls!

Lily: Face it Robin, you hate girls and girls hate you!

Ted: Billy Zabka is your best man?
Barney: He´s the best man around!

Barney: You broke the BroCode

Lily: What is it with you and women?

Robin: Whenever I try to talk to women they seem to want to punch me in the face.

Lily: Just be yourself, say something nice.
Robin: Pick one, I can´t do both.

Barney: You still have feelings for Robin?

Robin: There, there sister.

Barney: Try harder, I´m marrying her in two days.

Lily: I will cut you.

Robin: That´s why I like you, you are a psycho, my psycho.
Lily: I am, aren´t I.

Ted: I´d swear in the Bro Code.
Barney: The Bro Code is stupid.
Ted: How dare you!

Billy Zabka: I´m coming for you Mosby.

best quotes from HIMYM S09E05 – The Poker Game

If it´s so delicious, why did they close it in the first place?
Marshall: Rats.
We are not stopping.

Ted: Maybe that´s why I am not getting married

Barney: I´m not cheating.

Barney: In two days he´ll be your brother too, just be honest and tell him what is bothering you

Lily: Marshall, are you sitting down?
Marshall: Well, I´m in a car and you were pretty clear about No Teen Wolfing now that I´m a dad, so, yeah, I´m sitting down.

Lily: Ted is getting Barney and Robin three wedding gifts.
Marshall: I hate him.

James: People it is a good time to be gay.

Marshall: Ted Mosby you never get Lily and Me a wedding gift. J´accuse!

Lily: Happy wife is happy life.

Ted: His manners are much better now that he´s practiced his fake listening.

Marshall: Ted´s a rat bastard, never mention his name again.

Marshall: Ted, you are the best friend ever.
Ted: Don´t say a word, save it for a thank you note.

Loretta Stinson: Keep it as a consolation prize. You might have won the battle, but I will win the war.
Robin: Bring it on, bitch.

How I Met Your Mother S09E06 Knight Vision

Barney: Get stuck with the wrong girl and the only action you´ll get is a self five, and not the cool kind. “Self Five” (Claps) that´s the cool kind.

Robin: She sounds like a car alarm in bed.

Barney: I strongly feel that you should strongly feel her.

Crusader: You chose poorly

Lily: Hi reverend, I´m Lily
Aldrin, the maid of honor.
Reverend: Not too much honor. You are dressed like a whore.

Marshall: In court room they call me the convincer… I convinced them to call me that.

Reverend: You broke the ninth commandement!
Barney: No fat chicks?
Reverend: Thou shalt not lie!
Barney: About fat chicks?

Marshall: You are the devil incarned, and outcarned, and every kind of carned!

Ted: All that night I chose poorly

Best Quotes from How I Met Your Mother S09E07 – No Questions Asked

Daphne: You got the what that got the who?

Marshall: You owe me a No Questions Asked.

Ted: The hooker´s here.
Barney: I´m not gonna cheat on Robin, although you are a great friend for bringing me one.

Barney: Just like the bad guy in Die Hard
Marshall: Barney, Bruce Willis is not the bad guy in Die Hard.

Lily: I´m not paying for room service the hooker ordered
Barney: Been there.

Robin: Night Falcon, you are a genius.

Barney: I bet even lone wolves can learn to work together.

best quotes from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER S09E08 the lighthouse

best-quotes-barney-how-met-mother-himym-final-seasonBarney: Get this over quickly so we can move past the awkwardness that I just said that five!

Barney: You want to make this brunch a drunch, I won´t judge.

Lily: Pull your head out of your ass, Mosby.

Lily: God, I´m so sick of being smarter than everybody else.

Cassie: Stupid race car! This is why Children shouldn´t have toys.

Barney: Mom, Robin can´t have kids.

Barney: Is it weird that I´m hugging you like this?

Marshall: You threw a live grenade into my marriage. You screwed up my whole world. So from now on we listen to my music.
Daphne: I hate this song.
Marshall: Give it time.

Robin: Loretta…
Loretta: My name is mom. Don´t call me anything but mom.

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