sean-saves-the-world-quotesArticle by Guillermo Paz

So, already Michael J Fox came back to TV this year, and also Robin Williams. And now, another big comeback: Sean Hayes in Sean Saves the World, a new sitcom in which he must go through life juggling being a gay father to a teenager, and also his demanding job.
So, I figured, I should start the article about the best quotes from the show too.

Best Quotes from Sean Saves The World

Sean: You are a smart, strong girl… so Screw Boys! … So we are clear, I´m not saying screw boys like “Go do that”.

Annie: What´s happening right now?
Ellie: I´m single parenting, sort of. I´ve read a book of it. Some of it.

Sean: Calm down you maniac, I´m parenting.

Sean: Sometimes, you are negative.

Sean: We are having a dinner tonight to bond as a family
Lorna: Oh, can I come?
Sean: Oh Lord, no!

Sean: He didn´t quit. He´s the owner. Owners don´t quit the job of owning things.

Max: I know you´ve all been working late recently, and I want you to know, it´s going to be a permanent thing.

Max: It´s like sitting on a pile of baby seals.

Liz: Those side tables do add drama to any room.

Sean: That´s probably grandma… she gets upset when someone yells at me and she can´t pile on.

Sean: What kind of business do you think I´m in?

Sean: I don´t know anything about parenting.
Lorna: Nobody knows. It´s just a mess. Fishes got it right. Just drop ´em and go.

Sean: Boy that Daniel is one lucky guy.
Lorna: He will be tonight.

Max: What´s this? A daughter?

Sean Saves the World S01E02 – Busted

Sean: We forgot dessert, it´s the most important food group.

Sean: You are throwing them
Ellie: And look at you, you area catching them
Sean: I know, suck it Coach Walker

Lorna: I brought some food
Sean: Oh Good, now we don´t have to hunt.

Lorna: She has a key… now it feels cheapened.

Lorna: So that top, you think it does something for you?
Liz: It makes you uncomfortable, so that´s something.

Hunter: People can tell you are gay before they can tell I´m black.
Sean: And yet, I´m the only one who put a baby in a woman; so take that, bitches!

Liz: These boobs aren´t held up by elves
Hunter: Boobie elves, the happiest elves on earth.

Max: I want you to be working hard as a hamster on a wheel

Sean: You bought a bra for my daughter?
Max: Don´t make it sound weird.

Liz: Good for you for making sure you hurt my feelings… cow!

Sean: No harm done
Lorna: I´m here!
Sean: Harm´s here!

Lorna: What´s the matter with you?
Sean: What´s the matter with you? How does that feel?

Lorna: You don´t have the energy to be that gay.

Sean: Kids call it “saucing”.

Lorna: You should explore your body before others explore it.

Liz: I should do what my therapist says and stop taking birth control pills, go to Mardi Grass and see what happens.
Sean: Just to make it clear, it´s your Aroma therapist!

Liz: You lied to me
Sean: In my defense, I was evasive.

Sean: When you need a woman to guide you, that woman should be me… now I heard how that sounds.

Sean: You are mocking me.
Max: Oh so you can catch things.

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