super-fun-night-quotesArticle By Guillermo Paz

Rebel Wilson landed the lead role in this new sitcom that will be around the Super Fun Night ideas she and her friends do in order to enjoy their lives every Friday Night to blow off steam after their hard working weeks.
The show starts with Kimmie, Rebel´s character doing her videoblog in which we can already see she is not the smoothest and coolest cat in the yard. That´s what´s the premise is after all, they are all three nerdy girls trying to have fun. So I listed the Best Quotes from the show.

We also know there´s going to be a lot of singing in this show.

Best Quotes from Super Fun Night

Kimmie: This is a really good smoothie

Eric: Forget about Terry, she´s dead to us know.
Kimmie: Why, what did she do?
Eric: She died.

Kimmie: Richard and I are just friends.
Kendall: With Benefits?
Kimmie: Is sharing a stationary a benefit?

Kendall: Cute shoes by the way, what are they?
Kimmie: Orthopedics.
Kendall: Well, you make them work

Kendall: I came here to motivate you with how awesome I am.

Marika: I saw that in a movie once, did it help?

Richard: It´s consolation pizza. It´s not for winners.

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