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Guillermo Paz onto Dexter, Spoilers
xad 2017 and recently watched Dexter. Excited bout season 1-4 but after that pooof skipped thru the series and mehh.. Could have been better if Rita was around
Juha V I agree with Sami (Is this Sami my bigger brother, who introduced me to Dexter?). I think killing Debra would have been much better than killing Rita. Although Debra is important relative to Dexter, she doesn't create so much conflict and contrast between Dexter's daylife (as Rita does as a wife) and with Dexter's dark passanger's nightlife. I mean now Dexter is almost like any stereotypical serial killer: a 30-45 years old male without a family (except for Harrison), since Rita is dead and her kids are sent elsewhere. Rita and her kids were what made the show Dexter really Dexter. To me the show never was primarily about killing the bad guys or even about the code. To me the most interesting feature in Dexter was the conflict between two sides of his life. That is now almost taken. It just sucks. The show just isn't what it used to be.