castle-spoilers-quotes-rise-season-premiereWell, it´s the answer to wether Kate Beckett is dead or alive, but not only that… it´s the moment after Castle tells Beckett he loves her.
So, we were all waiting like crazy for this season premiere of Castle. Am I wrong?

Detective Beckett fights for her life as Castle, plagued by guilt over his role in the events, struggles to uncover who’s behind her brutal shooting. Meanwhile, back at the precinct, Ryan and Esposito have to adjust, as Victoria “Iron” Gates becomes the precinct’s new uncompromising Captain.

Best Quotes from Castle season four premiere – Rise

Lanie: SHe´s my friend, do you understand? My friend
Doctor: Then let us save her life

Doctor: Who is she?
Josh: She is my girlfriend

Doctor: You can´t operate on her, she´s your girlfriend
Josh: I´m not waiting. She´s dying

Jim Beckett: Where´s Katie? Where´s my daughter

Josh: This is your fault!

Jim Beckett: Where´s Katie? Where´s my daughter

Josh: This is your fault!

Jim Beckett: I won´t have you acting like three year olds when my daughter is fighting for her life

Castle: He is right, this is my fault

Castle: I told her how I felt, I told her that I love her

Esposito: Don´t know ´bout you bro, but I ain´t goin´ home until I catch the son of a bitch who did this
Ryan: I´m right behind you

Beckett: Hey Castle

Beckett: You are starring at me. I must look really bad

Castle: I just never thought I´d see you again

Castle: You don´t remember me tackling you?

Castle: You don´t remember… the gunshot
Beckett: No, they say there are things better not remembering

Esposito: You don´t have to make excuses. We know you missed us

Victoria “Iron” Gates: It will be a cold day in hell when I let one of my cops investigate her own shooting

Beckett: I want my gun

Beckett: Kate, you can make it out to Kate

Beckett: Castle, wait
Castle: I did, three months
Beckett: Look I know you are angry
Castle: You are damn right I´m angry. I watched you die in that ambush, did you know what that´s like? Watching the life drain out of someone you… someone you care about?
Beckett: I told you I needed some time
Castle: You said a few days
Beckett: Well, I needed more
Castle: You should have said that

Beckett: I really really liked him, but that wasn´t enough

Castle: She´ll take me back

Iron Gates: You or that pal of yours embarass me again, and I´ll bury you. Is it clear?

Esposito: Hey, you ready for this?
Beckett: You kidding right?

Castle: You wanna talk about that?
Beckett: ´Bout what?
Castle: Kate I saw you. When you saw that gun you froze
Beckett: It´s nothing
Castle: Your hand was shaking. That´s not nothing
Beckett: Castle, it´s my second day back; it´s no big deal
Castle: And if it happens again?
Beckett: It won´t

Beckett: Everybody is gone Castle

Castle: I´m not gonna lose her again

Alexis: You need to grow up, you are a writer, not a cop. You need to stop pretending

Castle: I promise you, we are going to find them and we are going to make them pay. Just not today

Castle: So, how does it feel?
Beckett: It´s not enough, but enough for now. Thanks for having my back in there.
Castle: That´s what partners are for

Castle: We´ll figure it out. That wall inside, won´t be there forever

Alexis: Does she make you happy?
Castle: Yes, she does
Alexis: Is it enough?
Castle: It´s enough for now

Alexis: Hey dad, don´t grow too much
Castle: Hey, we are talking about me

Psychologist: What do tou remember?
Beckett: I remember everything

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