castle-spoilers-quotes-dead-poolOne tough leading lady in Stana Katic, and the best leading man in Dramedy Nathan Fillion, Castle was back for a new episode called The Dead Pool when a champion swimmer and Olympic hopeful is found dead in a training pool, Castle & Beckett dive in to investigate his murder, and uncover myriad secrets that might have led to his death. Also in the episode, crime fiction authors Michael Connelly and Dennis Lehane guest star, offering Castle their insights into the case over a game of poker.
Lie To Me Brendan Hines guest stars as Castle´s protege Alex Conrad.

By the way, the look Stana Katic (Beckett) gives Nathan Fillion (Castle) in the end of the episode, can melt anything!

Best Quotes from Castle S03E21 The Dead Pool

Rick Castle: He wants to learn more about my process
Martha: And by process you mean procrastination until the very last moment?

Rick Castle: How does a swim champion drown?
Lanie: He had help

Castle: This is why Alexis is never going to college again

Castle: Looks like Zach didn´t do his chores

Castle: What are you looking at?
Beckett: Nothing

Castle: Eastern Europe? Home of the hard to identify accent

Alex: Seriously, I was helpful?

Castle: After all I did for him, he goes and tries to steal my muse

Castle: Now I finally know what Obi Wan Kenobi felt when Darth Vader turned on him

Alex: Thanks for Last Night

Beckett: Not a gold medal performance Zack

Castle: It´s true, I´m jealous. I want you all for myself

Beckett: From now on, I´m a one writer man

Esposito: So, dudes can be muses, right? It´s not weird, right?
Castle-Beckett: Nah

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