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Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms, Spoilers
Casonia logenberry...Wish Milli..Vanilli group was singing there songs again and that means the old singer that the producers though was not good enough to start off with...Old group who have the voice Ashton Kutcher is really cute and easy on the eyes and really attractive and very handsome but only time will tell what is going on and how the show is effected but I Really love the way he looks and think he is very sexy and really hot.This man looks so good from head to toe.
Casonia sade logenberry of seattle washington wishing every one a good day and good health and Happy Thankgiven as well..Stay strong and watch weather well. I find Ashton Kutcher really attractive and sweet and sexy and a real hunk and....I Have seen him at the movies and his acting is So...So but lets face facts Punked was really good and...This man works from many directions and very open minded and...Goes in many direction but that is good to be everything to every one on this earth and to open up and give his emotions and feelings to the world is a gift.