The season finale of Current TV’s “Bar Karma” is this Friday, April 29 at 10PM ET.  In “A Man Walks Out of a Bar”, Doug returns to the luxury of his former life and is offered a deal with an unusual news organization.  Dayna tries to bring him back by revealing the truth about her past and why he was brought to Bar Karma in the first place.

“Bar Karma,” the first series to give viewers control of the show content before it hits air, was created by game creator  Will Wright (The Sims/Sim City) and Worldwide Biggies CEO Albie Hecht.  Set at a mystical watering hole at the edge of the universe, “Bar Karma”  stars William Sanderson (“True Blood,” “Lost,” “Deadwood”) as James, the 20,000 year-old bartender,  Matthew Humphreys (“Obsessed,” “Big Love,” “The Forgotten”) as bar owner Doug Jones, and Cassie Howarth (“Deranged High,” “Deathclock”) as the lone waitress, Dayna.  The series answers the age-old question: “What would happen if you could change your fate?”  Set in a time traveling bar owned and operated by members of the mysterious organization Karma, Inc., each weekly episode follows a new bar patron as they enter at happy hour and must make a life-changing…and possibly world-saving …decision.

Additionally, Current TV’s “Bar Karma” is on the hunt for a viewer with great creative ideas who will be offered a six month stint at the cable network.  The “Be a TV Programmer Challenge” recently launched and will run through April 29th.  The premise for the contest revolves around the use of the same Storymaker application utilized in the creation of “Bar Karma,” but instead of pitching Current TV execs about content for the series, viewers will be pitching themselves for the programming position.  Entrants can log onto and describe their first day on the job at Current TV.   Entries must include between five and fifteen scenes, one of which much feature the potential winner at work and another which explains why that entry should be chosen winner of the challenge.

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