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Guillermo Paz onto Burn Notice, Contests and Giveaways
Guillermo Paz onto Burn Notice, Spoilers
Colleen I forgot to add my "What did I think?". I thought the episode was superb! Edge-of-the-seat! I had been disappointed to hear that both Larry and Brennen would be in the same episode but they worked so beautifully together, it was ingenious! The dialogue crackled! I will so miss Brennen; I loved his sardonic wit. But I'm glad Larry survived to fight another day. He will be back, I am sure! And I can't wait! Matt Nix pulled out all the stops in these finale episodes. Except for the getting-tiresome secret-out-of-town trips for Michael, they were perfect. (Please - let this be the last one.) Can't wait for Season 5.
Colleen Sam said "Good luck with your "murder spree", Mike" NOT "murders to be"
Guillermo Paz onto Burn Notice, Quotes
Guillermo Paz onto Burn Notice
TMac I'd/We'd love to see it! Burn Notice is the one and only show that my 15 y.o. and I can watch together without one of us walking out the room on the other. Keep up the good work!
djmanj Sounds fantastic.I would definitely watch.
Guillermo Paz onto Burn Notice, Quotes
Colleen I am glad that Maddie left a little leeway in this attempt at a reconciliation. No closure, just sucking up the hurt and getting on with the job. I, for one, think we have been cheated out of some good old-fashioned drama with such a quick resolution! For a show that is so afraid of a soap opera tag that the ongoing romance of Michael and Fiona can't be identified, they got to the kiss-and-make-up stage of this season-long battle just a little too early to suit me. Maddie and Fi need to focus on Michael; he was made the villain too much in this whole thing, when all of them were party to the coverup. And for Jesse suddenly not to have issues with Fiona - really? Since when? That's not what he was thinking at the end of Blind Spot when he held a gun to her head! I'm ready for him to get his government job back and let the trio get back to being a trio. The only one I'm enamored of right now is Sam - he's the ONLY one who doesn't have his head up his *** (to quote Sam!) It's not an accident that he wasn't at that so-special meeting at the end! BTW - did like the episode a lot, really! Just kind of got on a tear as the thoughts came to me! As an action show - great fun! And really looking forward to Johnny from Hot Spot returning in 2 weeks, Tony Soto and of course, NATE!!
Guillermo Paz onto Burn Notice, Spoilers