burn-notice-spoilers-s04e13-eyes-open-novemberNew Spoilers for Burn Notice S04E13 Eyes Open!!!!

Burn Notice comeback is just around the corner November 11th 9/8 C.

And I have for you a special preview Spoiler Burn Notice screening folks at USA Network allowed me to have.

Episode begins with Michael Westen in what may appear as a coma or some unconciousness state, but he´s the one narrating in off.
Fiona and Sam are alongside him in the bedside.

Cut to a scene of Fiona watching Michael unconcious and saying: “It´s been three days already”, and in a very Fionalike way she kicks him, and Michael regains conciousness.

Jesse comes to visit Michael in the hospital where he´s in a wheelchair.

Jesse and Michael speaking to wach other and back together to the scheming and planning, but they still need to regain the trust in each other. Especially Jesse, who does not trust Michael after what happened.

Michael´s mom visits him at the hospital and she wants him to move in with her so she “can take care of his boy”.

A sudden rush and a building exploding can be seen in a TV in the back and Sam tells him what happened, apparently a gas leak.

Alicia Renson meets Michael and Sam, and tells them the story about her and her brother, turning her into “The Client”.

Episode continues but I cannot give you any more spoilers from Burn Notice S04E13 “Eyes Open”

To watch the full episode make sure to tune in to USA Network November 11th 9/8 C to watch Burn Notice comeback for new episodes.

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