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Guillermo Paz onto The Walking Dead
The complete list of renewed shows for 2011 season [...] AMC renews The Walking Dead for season three. [...]
Casonia sade logenberry The walking Dead...How Creepy and strange and weird and that type of show should be release around this time and people will watch and look at the show...If they are staying in for the night but.....The Dead shall walk but in life with every day we are all dieing and with each moment we are alive we are going toward the grave we get older and we get sick and die and sooner or later we are all going to Raise and walk from Death and sooner or later we all hope to meet god or not but what the hell...We should live are life the way we want and see what happens and only time will tell but lets take life by the Horn and see what kind of life we can have.
Guillermo Paz onto Quotes, The Walking Dead
greg noll There is a scene where one of the characters describes his wife's death to cancer. I found it quite eloquent and personal as I lost my wife the same way and felt similar emotions. I would like to find a transcript or cameo of that scene. Thanks in advance. Greg
Guillermo Paz onto Quotes, The Walking Dead