parents-just-dont-understand-joey-fatone-hubIt´s Freaky Friday all over, in a reality show. “Parents Just Don’t Understand” will give parents the chance to walk a day in their kid’s shoes and experience first hand all the pressures and demands of their busy, over-scheduled lives. Meanwhile, kids will get to see what it is like to be responsible for the variety of things their parents do on a daily basis to keep things running smoothly at home and at work. The series is an imaginative premise that will create an authentic, funny and inspirational dialogue about the stress parents and kids experience, while also fostering mutual understanding and respect on both sides.

On September Episodes of Parents Just Don´t Understand, there will happen a lot of things:

September 6 – “Macho Man & The MMA Kid”: A busy 13-year-old seeks help from Joey because his macho step-dad overloads him with athletics. Will a day spent taking his lumps on the football field and in the MMA ring convince this father to let his son relax his rigorous schedule?

September 13 – “Prince Charming & The Disco Queen”: An overwhelmed 11-year-old boy swaps lives with his strict mother. As he faces a day of dentistry and knitting, she must deal with basketball, track and field and her son’s rules. When mom gets a taste of her son’s life, will she loosen her iron grip?

September 20 – “The Stay at Home Queen & Tumbling Teen”: A stay-at-home mom of four swaps roles with her know-it-all 15-year-old daughter. While mom must handle the tumbles and turmoil of being a teen again will her daughter discover that a stay-at-home mom rarely stays at home?

September 27 – “The Artsy Lad & Techie Dad”: When an 11-year-old and his single-dad test drive each other’s lives for a day, it becomes a battle of wills. As son takes on dad’s cranky computer customers, dad attempts son’s rigorous athletic roster. The question is: who will quit first?

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