secret-millionaires-club-hubThe Hub Network will air half-hour specials of Warren Buffett’s “Secret Millionaires Club,” a new animated series created by one of the most successful investors in the world. Warren Buffett is a secret advisor to a group of kids who learn about business and how the world around them works. Through a series of adventures, kids learn basic business principles, and discover that the most valuable investment they can make is an investment in themselves. Created and voiced by Mr. Buffett himself. Produced by A Squared Entertainment, created by DIC Entertainment CEO, Andy Heyward.

In this special episode of Secret Millionaires Club, called “Sing Between the Lines”: While helping a famous pop star set up a new school of performing arts, the Secret Millionaires Club must track down a fantastic young singer who aces the audition but goes into hiding. When they find her, they must convince her to face her worst fear.

A society of entrepreneurial teens helps both kids and adults solve problems and improve their lives by the application of financial advice from their advisor, Warren Buffett. A nice way to teach the young ones at home about finances.

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