seriously-passive-aggresive-cards-book-reviewUlysses Press has a little collection of Salutatory cards of different themes, and they sent me four of them to check them out; so I´ll be talking about them, after thanking them for the package they sent home with them.
Many already know I love books and everything to read, as I´m doing book reviews quite often. Now, this new format that can be compared to Jimmy Fallon´s Thank You Notes, or Sorry I Had Sex On your Bed I already reviewed.

Passive Aggressive is one of the most common types of sass nowadays; and they can also be humorous while avoiding direct confrontation. In other words, a great option to up your inner bi-otch while avoiding having your slapping do your talking. (And get your ass kicked at the same time).

The fact that they are tear out is another thing useful, so you can leave it to someone who´s on your nerves, wether at school, the office or other events.

My favorite one is about the noisy neighbors, and reads: “Maybe tomorrow I could pet your elephant. Your downstairs neighbor“.

You can learn more about the book in this link, including pricing, where to buy it and more.

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