parking-tickets-reviewSame as I was taling about Seriously?! and Sorry I Had Sex on your Bed, this is a tear out card to leave a passive-agrressive message on someone´s windshield when they clearly don´t know how to park their cars. You know these jerks, right? The over parkers, the takers of multiple spots and all. Or as I call them, the “insufferable parkers”.

One of my favorite Parking Tickets is: “Your way of parking is against the laws… of Physics“.

Of all these tear out cards books, this one is by far the one I most wanted to check out, as bad parking is one of my pet peeves; and people using two spots (sometimes even three) get on my nerves… and I used to leave written notes anyways, so with this I can leave more elaborate notes. All in all, it is a great gift for someone like me… And everybody has someone like me among their family or friends.

You can learn more about the book in this link, including pricing, where to buy it and more.

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