vince masuka dying on dexterJohn Lithgow is joining the fourth Season of Dexter, and his character is planning to make a big impact.

This year´s villain John Lithgow will take the life of a very significant member of the show is what rumours are saying.

My bet: Vince Masuka is dying on Dexter.

Why?: Batista is currently BFF of Dexter, and… oh well, you´ll see it in the season premiere of Dexter.

Maria Laguerta is his boss, and oh well… you´ll see it on season premiere of Dexter why neither Batista nor Laguerta will go anywhere.

Debra Morgan can´t die… she´s on the tracks of finding out the truth about her father, and who was the lover… too much going on for her to leave… oh and there´s certain someone coming back to the show.

Dexter is having a kid, so the whole family is already going through major plot turns, there´s no need for another one there.

Quinn: Here´s my fifty fifty… it´s either Masuka dying, or Quinn dying on Dexter. Being my bet Masuka…

Who is Vince Masuka on Dexter?

Vincent “Vince” Masuka is the Miami Metro Police lead forensic investigator and works alongside Dexter in the lab and in crime scenes. He often cracks innuendo to the rest of the team, and harbors decidedly unrequited feelings for Debra. He is portrayed as unusually perverted, and is familiar with many sexual topics. It was because of this Frank Lundy preferred to have Dexter work with him, stating “If I hear one more titty joke, I’m afraid I’ll punch him in the face.” However, he has been able to tone it down when the situation calls for it, like when Angel was in the hospital. Detective Joey Quinn even confronted him about that in stating that is the reason no one likes to be around him, only for Vince to harshly brush him off. However, he seems to accept Joey’s explanation when no one came to his speech on his newly published work, cleaning up his act and dressing formally (which freaks out Debra) until he returns to his old self at the end of the episode. In the books, Dexter feels a kinship with him as, like him, he hides who he really is. As in the novel, he sets up Dexter’s Bachelor Party and kidnaps him to get him there (where, in the belief that he had been kidnapped by the Skinner, Dexter slugged Vince in the eye just as he opened the car trunk). However, he falls for the female Party Planner and has been suggested they are still in a relationship. In the novels, he is Dexter’s best friend, or rather the closest Dexter could have to a friend. Vince feels the same for him, as in Dearly Devoted Dexter he threw a large bachelor party for Dexter within a few hours of finding out his engagement and in Dexter in the Dark took his role as best man so seriously that he was often nervous and called in favors to hire Manny Borque, a famous caterer, for Dexter’s wedding.