jane.by-design-quotes-review-pilotABC Family premiered the new show called Jane By Design, kicking off the first season of it, targeting a young audience, and family members, all fashion oriented.
One can cite as a reference shows like Ugly Betty or movies like The Devil Wears Prada as to understand the environment of it.
Erica Dasher leads as Jane, a teenager with a keen sense of style who is mistaken for an adult and given a job as an assistant to a powerful fashion executive played by Andie McDowell. Jane plays along and secretly juggles high-school life with a new career.

Best Quotes and Moments form Jane By Design Pilot – The Intern

I will mix here some tidbits, some quotes and some things we see in the pilot.

Jane: The guy hasn´t made eye contact with me since seventh grade
Billy: Well, I warned you not to let him touch your boobs.

Jane: I think they look happy
Billy: I´m happy
Jane: Of course you are happy. You have my as a best friend. What else could you possibly want?

So now we know they are best friends, not siblings or any other relationship. Setting the tone early.

We also get to know in the first five minutes that Jane´s brother is the one who supports her, that her father recently died, and that her mother is MIA. (Sometime in the future, casting opportunities there, ding, ding, ding)

The receptionist tells her: “Good luck, you are gonna need it”. So, that sets the tone of how her boss would be like.

We get to know each of the characters, who will be her friend in the office, who is the hot shot designer that will probably have an interest on her, and such.

Jeremy: I can give you some advice on being the new kid.

Billy: Ok, I´ll do it, but on one condition
Jane: This was your one condition? (A party)

The best friend of Jane is hooking up with Lulu, Jane´s nemesis.

Lulu: I like you Billy.
Billy: Why?
Lulu: I don´t know. Maybe because my dad would hate you

India and Gray are each other nemesis, so Jane will have to watch India for Gray.

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