allison-irahetaOk, American Idol second Season 8 Gala just ended, with the second twelve contestants trying to get the nod.

Allison Iraheta is trying so on “Alone” by Heart hit.

Randy Jackson Said: she’s 16 and “blew it outta the water.”

Kara DioGuardi: that she doesn’t have to worry about if she’s good or not: She’s good. She just needs to get over her last bit of stage fright.

Paula Abdul said: thinks she could sing the telephone book

Simon Cowell said: she’s the best in this group by a mile

How to vote for Allison Iraheta at American Idol?

Call 1866 IDOLS 05

Call 1866 43657 05

Text “Vote” to 5705

So… do you want Allison Iraheta to be one of the top twelve?

I´m guessing she´s tonight´s girl front runner