norman-gentle-nick-mitchell-american-idolOk, American Idol second Season 8 Gala just ended, with the second twelve contestants trying to get the nod.

Nick Mitchell A.K.A. Norman Gentle sang Dreamgirls anthem “And I’m Telling You”.

Randy Jackson said: it was one of the most entertaining numbers in the show’s history

Kara DioGuardi said: at least he’s memorable and not a terrible singer

Paula Abdul said: singers come in different shapes, sizes, styles and that he’s a true performer. She doesn’t know if he belongs here, but that he’s a lot of fun

Simon Cowell said: he hopes he speaks for America when he says he’s praying Nick/Norman doesn’t get through until next week

How to vote for Nick Mitchell A.K.A. Norman Gentle at American Idol?

Call 1866 IDOLS 04

Call 1866 43657 04

Text “Vote” to 5704

So… do you want Nick Mitchell A.K.A. Norman Gentle to be one of the top twelve on American Idol?

I´m not seeing it so far… but damn, I´d love to see Norman Gentle advance to the top twelve.

The most funnywas when he give a shout out to Neil Patrick Harris, who was sitting in the audience. “Doogie!”