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Joyce Storm I love cold case. The acting is great so natural and real. The stories are great. I always wondered why it was never up for an emmy. I have been waitig for it to come on and now I read it is cancelled. Thats a shame. I hope another station picks up the show. I will definitly watch it. I beleive cold case was the first TV show to use good music at the end of the show now a lot of shows are doing it. Whoever cancelled it is an idiot. It was the best show on TV
Casonia Sade Logenberry wants everyone in this world to enjoy another day of life and freedom and love and peace of mind and take time to stop and smell the roses...Lovely day okay! Nice to have you back and it is great to see your show on and it is a delightful show...I like the History piece behind each story line and love seeing the dress of what people where wearing back then and the music they listened to and what they where driving...Love the show and good luck and have a great day...I have to let you know that the show is amazing and great and take care!
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dolly post Too many, really...enough to write a book.Makes you wonder how they were on tv so long. I am age 53 & don't watch tv much, but I hated I Dream of Jeanie! It's so annoying because of Dr.Bellows, he's so nosy & just enters major Nelson's house! That major Heally is a major ass pain...he could've told Nelson Jeanie's birthdate right off. And if Nelson is Jeanie's master, why does she make things happen & not consult him? She gets him in trouble. GILLIGAN was very annoying too! My puzzlement was more as to why no one killed that stupid s.o.b. Rather than why stuff was packed for a 3 hour cruise.
Charlotte Agree with what you said about Lilly Rush's hair!