Entertainment Weekly took a poll among PopWatchers a while ago to find out who were the 24 most annoying TV Characters.

Most of them started as quite interesting, but went down the road and lost the way, and now they are due to something happening to them… either a writing 180° change or a killing the character destiny.

Let´s start: (My thoughts between parenthesis)

24- Izzie, from Grey’s Anatomy.

Man, she used to be my favorite, but now all I want to do is shove her off the neat walkway that runs through Seattle Grace. You know, the one with the pretty panoramic view of Seattle. (This one´s for sure annoying now)

23- Mohinder Suresh, from Heroes.

Not sure if it’s the character, the actor, the over-enunciated accent, but every time he appears on screen I just think, ”Shut up, Mohinder.” (I´m not so sure about him… I still like him)

22- Temperance Brennan, from Bones.

I can’t stand her. I really wanted to like that show because I love David Boreanaz, but I couldn’t watch because of her. She reminds me of a bobblehead. (On the fence with this one)

21- Clark, from Smallville

because he turned Superman from a great hero to a whiny, selfish jackass who spent the better part of eight seasons moping about Lana, taking his friends and family for granted, and generally being as unheroic as possible.

20- Cuddy, from House.

I really liked her in season 1, but somewhere around the third season I started yelling at her to stop acting/dressing like a prostitute and letting House get away with everything. (No way I´m agreeing with EW… Cuddy rocks!)

19- Dawn, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Nothing about that character was remotely likable for me — I absolutely loathed her. In scenes meant for viewers to feel bad or connect with her, I wanted to shove her into a hell portal. (Well… I must agree here).

18- I have always hated Dan, on Gossip Girl.

We’re supposed to want him and Serena together and feel bad that they broke up, but I really don’t care. I sort of hope he leaves the show. It doesn’t matter how: He can move, transfer schools, get murdered in his sleep — it doesn’t matter. I just want him gone. (A little harsh… but ´m no fan of Gossip Girl so I can´t have a say here).

17- Brian Hackett (Steven Weber’s character), on Wings.

Actually, I’ve had a lifelong irrational dislike of all of Steven Weber‘s characters. Conveniently enough, he seems to play the same guy in everything he’s in, which makes it easier to irrationally dislike his work. (He made me laugh a lot… so I´m disagreeing here).

16- Meredith, from Grey’s Anatomy.

I can’t even watch anymore. I remember when they had that episode where I thought she might die, I was so excited, only to be let down! (I must agree… thank God for Grey´s Anatomy fans we have Dr Bailey, Sloan and Torres… if not the show would be long gone!)

15- Ross, on Friends,

is by far the TV character I have hated the most. Whiny, pathetic, almost never funny — and yet somehow still unsympathetic. (Ok… no way!!!!!!!!!!! Don´t you ever dare to say anything about Friends!!!!!!)

14-Lily Rush, Cold Case

I could never even bring myself to watch Cold Case because I couldn’t stand Lilly Rush‘s hair. No one’s hair looks that bad all the time. It’s so distracting! (I actually Like her, but I don´t follow much this show)

13- Lee Adama, on Battlestar Galactica.

The only reason I don’t want Lee to die is that Laura would have to put up with Bill crying about it. All Lee cares about is appearing to be on the moral high ground. He has no integrity as a person. No wonder his father doesn’t respect him. (Ok, agree)

12-McDreamy, Grey´s Anatomy

I hate McDreamy, from Grey’s Anatomy. He’s not so McDreamy as he is spineless and whispery. I understand that he’s supposed to be the yin to Meredith’s yang, but the character never really does anything besides flip-flop between Meredith and nurses in the hospital and whisper angstily about how she won’t love him. Give me Alex’s complex and deep-seated issues or George’s morality crisis any day! If anything, they’ll keep it interesting! (Yet another one from Grey´s Anatomy… like I said, thank God for Bailey, Sloan and Torres)

11-Julie Taylor, Friday Night Lights

I gotta say I thought she’d grow out of it, but I can’t stand Julie Taylor, on Friday Night Lights. She’s the only one on the cast who appears to be acting. Then again, I’d give up my hate if the show were on network TV again…. (Ok, this one´s right!)

10- Miss Piggy.

I can’t stand Miss Piggy (Oh C´mon… Kermitt the frog´s lady… don´t mess with her!)

9- Lauren Conrad, from The Hills.

It may not be a true ”TV character,” but she tries to portray the innocent, perfect, never-at-fault girl, and it comes off holier-than-thou and shallow. Get a life, please! (I never could get myself to sit in front of the TV to watch The Hills… just can´t)

8- Horatio Caine, on CSI: Miami.

The way he stands with his hands on his hips, with those stupid sunglasses and those stupid one-liners that open the show….I muted the TV every time he spoke in the season premiere. Ugh! I haven’t watched the show since. I actually thought they were going to end the torture of his run on the show, but alas, I was misled. (I agree here… especially being other CSI´s around)

7- Angela, from Bones.

I don’t know why I dislike her, but I do! I think it’s because she calls Bones ”sweetie” all the time. I find that so irritating. (Right on the money!)

6-Carrie Bradshaw, Sex in the City

I think Carrie Bradshaw, Meredith Grey, and Ally McBeal can all go in one jar together and be placed on an island for no one to hear from again. (No way for either Ally nor Carrie… well, Meredith I can´t save her)

5-Gregory House, House MD

I hate House. If any doctor ever spoke to me or a member of my family that way, I’d punch him in the nose. He’s an obnoxious creep who needs a comeuppance, and soon. Did I mention I hate him? (Ok, this list has lost all my respect… you can´t say anything bad about Hugh Laurie portray of House… come on, man… way off!)

4- Jordan, from Scrubs.

I hate when Dr. Cox went back with her. She is evil, manipulating, and not funny at all. All around ruins the show for me. Plus, her face changes over the years. It’s kind of freaky. (Scrubs is another untouchable show… don´t mess with my boy Zach´s creation, man!)

3- Squidward Tentacles, from SpongeBob SquarePants.

The one TV character I really don’t like is Squidward Tentacles, from SpongeBob SquarePants. I mean, he is so egotistical, arrogant, self-centered, snobbish, and grumpy! Who would put a guy like that in a show involving a cheerful, happy guy. I even like the tiny, one-eyed evil green thing. (Nothing to add here)

2- Dawson, from Dawson’s Creek.

Even as a 13-year-old I thought he was whiny, manipulative, and self-obsessed, especially given that every single one of his friends had a far harder life than he did. I was so disappointed when the show didn’t end in his death. (Right on the money… thank God the show had Pacey Witter)

1- Gabriella, in High School Musical

Can’t stand her singing voice or that ”aren’t I adorable?” shrug of hers! Ick!!! (Ok, I rather have Ashley Tisdale playing the lead than her… but there´s no way she´s number one in this list).

As I said before… this list has a couple of months old… but I guess Izzie Stevens may have crawled her way all to the top of annoyance, right?