We are all hooked up with the all new Season 5 of Lost and the writers are already messing with our heads… and now producers are messing with our schedules…

Some changes are up for episodes 6 and 7 of Lost Season 5.

The schedules seems like this now:

  • Lost S05E01 “Because You Left”  Already aired
  • Lost S05E02 “The Lie” Already aired
  • Lost S05E03 “Jughead” January 28th
  • Lost S05E04 “The Little Prince” February 4th
  • Lost S05E05 “This Place is Death” February 11th
  • Lost S05E06  “316? February 18th
  • Lost S05E07 “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” February 25th

2 Weeks impasse

  • Lost S05E08 “LeFleur” March 11th
  • Lost S05E09 “Namaste” March 18th
  • Lost S05E10 “He’s Our You” March 25th
  • Lost S05E11 “Whatever Happened, Happened” April 1st