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Guillermo Paz onto Contests and Giveaways, Documentary
Joy Fekkes I just was at a reading by Maureen's niece Candice. She was amazing..coming through with the personalities of the people who had passed. We were all surprised with the accuracy and are now all believers in the power of the mediums. Candice has a great personality herself...wonderful sense of humor and made the evening entertaining as well. We are so anxious to be able to follow her and her Aunt in this series coming up on Style Network. I even changed my cable package, so that I could watch the new show on Style! Joy in Suburbia
Guillermo I don´t know. I am writing about it... Not sure why the rest isn´t.
Guillermo Paz onto Documentary
mp I loved, loved, loved the show, but only 1 episode aired. Aren't there any more?
Current TV Vanguard season finale Recovery High August 8 9PM [...] you lately a lot about documentaries from Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis to Superheroes to Psychic in Suburbia to 50 documentaries to see before you die. Well, since Current TV and Vanguard have us used to good [...]