t-rex-by-the-tail-book-review-michael-turpinThis is an independent book that its author Michael Turpin was kind enough as to send it to me for review consideration. After reading it, here´s my review:

The book is about a republican father and mother of a suburban family, Karl and Susie Patton, who are in their eighties, as she is in a geriatric institution because of early stages of Alzheimer´s, while he is at home alone. In the first few pages, Karl dies and all the characters in the book: Their three sons, Susie, and others start to remember what was life with Karl as a father, a husband or a friend. When 81 year old neo-conservative Karl Patton dies, his four sons must gather up his bones and dredge the river of their own lives lived in the shadow of their father — the T-Rex.

What can I say aboout the book´s quality? It´s a well written nice book with a good story and relatable characters. In every sense of the word is a recommendable book that people who read it will certainly enjoy.

Who do I recommend it to? Mainly people who are in their forties or fifties who have parents in the same range as Karl and Susie Patton as you can probably relate to the story.

What´s my biggest problem with the book? Most of the things, Marketing related. Namely its cover, backcover, the fact that there are no information to know what the book is about until you are well into page ten or fifteen. How on earth would somebody buy a book not knowing what´s it about? My guess is the book cover and the book´s name are targeted to the people who already knows Michael Turpin and his column, and who he calls T-Rex´s. For the rest of the world, there´s no clue whatsoever what the book is about, and I am afraid that can probably hurt its selling success.

The book can be a great addition to any library and personal collection, but chances are you will walk by the book while browsing in your local bookstore, or even online.

I can only hope that, if there´s a second edition, the author adds a backcover with the synopsis of the book. It can help a lot.

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