switched-at-birth-casting-call-auditionsThe show has been renewed for season two and now I got the notice that there´s an audition for Switched at Birth second season casting call being launched.

Even though the series is based on Kansas City Missouri, the filming goes on in Los Angeles, so if you want to participate in this casting call to audition for Switched at Birth season two, you´ll need to be in Los Angeles.

This drama series follows two families who, despite overwhelming socio-economic, ethnic and cultural differences, blend into one for the sake of their switched daughters. The series explores deaf culture, with an array of deaf and hard-of-hearing actors, and includes scenes shot entirely in American Sign Language.

The show is auditioning for recurring, guest actors and actresses, and minor speaking roles as well as extras.

How to audition for the casting call of Switched at Birth season two?

Visit this link for more information on how to audition for Switched at Birth´s second season casting call.

Deedee Bradley is in charge of Principal Actors casting, while Central Casting is in charge of the extras for the show.

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