made-in-jersey-cancelled-renewed-cbsMany of the freshman sitcoms have already joined the list of renewed shows of 2012 as they were granted full season orders, but now, it´s time to see the first of the new fall shows that joins the list of cancelled shows of 2012.

CBS cancels Made in Jersey after only a couple of episodes aired in what was a nice Friday dramedy with a lovable leading lady in Janet Montgomery but which failed to gather good enough ratings as to stay in the lineup.

In its place, CBS is going to air CSI: NY which moves back to the 9PM slot that Made in Jersey took this fall. The show that joins the veteran procedural taking the 8PM slot is unscripted series Undercover Boss which returns to the slot it occupied in the spring.

So, with the cancellation of Made in Jersey by CBS comes the first casualty of this fall season against all the bets that were placed on The Mob Doctor to get the first axe, or even critically booed Neighbours, which is actually doing pretty well in the ratings and managed to get three extra scripts ordered.

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