cancelled-shows-2012Listing all the Cancelled Shows on 2012 and all the Renewed Shows on 2012 is the task that started last month. We´ve been doing these lists for several years now, as you can review them all.

We already have cancelled shows for 2009-2010, and the renewed shows from 2009-2010 and also cancelled shows for the 2011 season and Renewed Shows for the 2011 season.

Now, it´s time to do the Lists for 2012:

These are the cancelled Shows of 2012 season.

Is your favourite show safe or cancelled? (Also Bookmark this post so you can see when we update it).

  1. ABC cancels Work It after only two episodes aired for a show with lots of controversy.
  2. The Martha Stewart show gets cancelled by Hallmark.
  3. Fox cancels So You Think You Can Dance Results Show keeping only one weekly airing.
  4. Fox cancels House finishing in May after series finale.
  5. CW cancels Remodeled.
  6. NBC cancelled The Firm.
  7. MTV cancelled Good Vibes.
  8. Fox cancelled Terra Nova.
  9. HBO Cancels Luck.
  10. Fox cancels I Hate My Teenage Daughter.
  11. OWN cancels The Rosie Show.
  12. Fox cancels Breaking In for the second time.
  13. ABC cancels The Revolution.
  14. BBC cancels Upstairs Downstairs.
  15. ABC Family Cancels Make It Or Break It.
  16. NBC cancels Best Friends Forever.
  17. Khloe and Lamar cancelled.
  18. Fox Cancelled The Finder.
  19. Fox cancels Alcatraz.
  20. NBC cancels Awake.
  21. NBC cancelled Are You There, Chelsea?
  22. NBC cancels Bent.
  23. NBC cancelled Harry´s Law.
  24. ABC cancelled GCB.
  25. ABC cancelled Pan Am.
  26. ABC cancels The River.
  27. ABC cancelled Missing.
  28. CW cancels Ringer.
  29. CW cancelled The Secret Circle.
  30. CBS cancels A Gifted Man.
  31. CBS cancels Rob.
  32. CBS cancels Unforgettable.
  33. CBS cancels NYC22.
  34. CBS cancels CSI: Miami.
  35. NBC cancels Who Do You Think You Are?.
  36. NBC cancels Fear Factor.
  37. NBC cancels Minute to win it.
  38. NBC cancels The Marriage Ref.
  39. NBC Cancelled The Sing Off.
  40. MTV cancels I Just Want My Pants Back.
  41. iCarly is ending at season´s end.
  42. Breakout Kings gets cancelled.
  43. Syfy cancels Sanctuary.
  44. A&E cancelled Dog The Bounty Hunter.
  45. Showtime cancels Weeds.
  46. CNN cancelled John King USA.
  47. Starz cancelled Spartacus.
  48. ABC cancels Trust Us With Your Life.
  49. AMC cancels The Killing.
  50. CBS cancels 3.
  51. Is Curb Your Enthusiasm getting cancelled?
  52. Nick cancels Victorious.
  53. A&E cancels Gene Simmons Family Jewels.
  54. ABC Family cancels Jane By Design.
  55. Travel Channel cancels Anthony Bourdain No Reservations.
  56. Bravo cancels Work of Art: The Next Great Artist.
  57. The Office ends after nine seasons.
  58. Nick cancels How to Rock.
  59. MTV cancels Jersey Shore.
  60. NBC cancels Saving Hope… but CTV renews it.
  61. ABC Family cancels Secret Life of The American Teenager. Ends after season five.
  62. CBS cancels Made in Jersey.
  63. TNT cancels The Great Escape.
  64. NBC cancels Animal Practice.
  65. Private Practice ends this season.
  66. G4 cancels Attack of the Show.
  67. G4 cancels X-Play.
  68. DirecTV´s Audience Network cancels Hit & Miss.
  69. Anderson gets cancelled.
  70. USA cancels Common Law.
  71. USA cancels Fairly Legal.
  72. USA cancels Political Animals.
  73. MTV cancels America´s Best Dance Crew.
  74. CBS cancels Partners.
  75. ABC cancels Last Resort.
  76. ABC cancels 666 Park Avenue.
  77. Starz cancels Boss.
  78. Discovery cancels American Chopper.
  79. Discovery cancels Dirty Jobs.
  80. Merlin ends after five seasons.
  81. The CW cancels Emily Owens M.D.
  82. MTV cancels The Inbetweeners.
  83. TVLand cancels Retired at 35.
  84. Discovery cancels American Guns.
  85. The CW cancels L.A. Complex.
  86. TNT cancels Leverage.

So, what do you think, is your favourite show renewed for a new season or not? Which are you waiting to learn about? Let me know in the comments section.

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(Make sure to check the years past, maybe your show was announced renewed or cancelled late in 2011, or maybe even earlier!)