awake-cancelled-renewed-nbcMore information to fill the lists for cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012. And this one really hurts. The show was so good creatively; probably too complicated for broadcast though. NBC cancelled Awake and it´s a shame.

Awake gets cancelled because of poor ratings, and I have the impression the show could´ve worked very well on cable, same thing I thought about Alcatraz or Flash Forward.

Following a car crash, Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) returns to work and finds himself in one of two different realities every time he wakes up, one in which his wife Hannah (Laura Allen) survives the accident and the other in which his son Rex (Dylan Minnette) survives the accident. To differentiate between the two realities, Michael wears a red rubber band in the reality in which his wife is alive and a green one in the reality in which his son is alive. As a cue to viewers, scenes in the red reality use warm tones, while scenes in the green reality use cool ones.
In each reality, Britten has a different partner and psychiatrist, and his wife and son each cope with their losses in separate ways. In the red reality, Britten becomes partners with Detective Efrem Vega (Wilmer Valderrama) after his longtime partner Isaiah “Bird” Freeman (Steve Harris) is transferred to another district. In the green reality, Detective Freeman remains Britten’s partner, while Vega remains in uniform as an officer. In the red reality, he sees department-recommended psychiatrist Dr. Lee (BD Wong), who is confrontational with Michael about the accident, while in the green reality, his psychiatrist Dr. Evans (Cherry Jones) is more nurturing. Each doctor insists the other reality is fake, and Britten remains unsure of which one, if either, is actually real, and begins to worry about his sanity after details cross over (e.g., in the pilot episode, a crime takes place at 611 Waverly in the red reality, while in the green reality, a crime involves parking spot 611 in the Waverly parking lot). In the red reality, Hannah begins to redecorate the house, while in the green reality, Rex begins to play tennis again with Hannah’s former partner Tara (Michaela McManus)

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